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Getting ready for the festivities? This year, we have a a real cook who's talking, as Chef, Author and SheSpeaks Blogger …

What could be better on hot dogs, bratwurst or pretzels? How about your own homemade Bavarian-Style Mustard? Chef Erin of…

Ever thought of making your own mustard? Why not? Chef Erin shows you how to cut the mustard from your shopping list by…

Chef Erin shares a colorful salad that incorporates Summer's last bounty

Chef Erin reviews the OXO Cherry/Olive Pitter - a sweet success! She also shares a cherry-licious recipe for Cherries Jub…

We all have grilling horror stories. Chef Erin shares one of her's, and how she rose from the ashes to create a deliciou…

Chef Erin gives is the down and dirty details about pesticides in our produce and tells us which organics are worth the e…

Watch Video: Chef Erin discusses tips for grilling veggies in this mouth-watering video!

Chef Erin shares a few grilling tips and simple recipes!

From comfort food to Asian sandwiches, Chef Erin takes a look at trend-enders. How does "what's hot" in your town compare…

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