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What Changes Does McDonald's Need to Make?

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 05.06.15
What Changes Does McDonald's Need to Make?
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The struggling fast-food giant's sales have fallen recently and their new CEO, Steve Easterbrook, unveiled a turnaround plan on Monday morning. And he did not mince words when discussing the company's problems.

Recognizing that recent performance was "poor" and that "the numbers don't lie" - some of the challenges he faces are:

  • Tough competition from growing burger chains like Shake Shack, Five Guys and Smashburger (consumers feel that burgers from other chains taste better and are made from higher quality ingredients even though they cost more)
  • Consumers are also embracing "fast casual food" dining from Chipotle and Panera
  • There is increased competition from a full blown breakfast war, notably from Taco Bell, and the McMuffin is under fire

But what Easterbrook really wants to change is the quality of the food and the stale brand image. He stressed that they need to innovate more. What do you think?


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  • beaniebaby70 By beaniebaby70

    Higher quality sides and burgers

  • aneube By aneube

    I think McDonald's needs to figure out what they want to focus on and go with that. Just that. Right now, they are trying the coffee house thing, and the breakfast thing, and the fast cheap food, and the higher priced burgers. I learned in Marketing that you can never be fast, cheap, and good. Maybe one, maybe two, but never all three. So, decide Mickey D's, and embrace it!

  • takgirl14 By takgirl14

    I love the toppings/condiments on the burgers, but the quality of the meat itself could definitely be improved. I want my burger to look like real meat!

  • catclan By catclan

    I love everything. I have been eating McDonalds for years and my whole family loves. It would be nice though to have a little healthier, natural food on everything just to make us all feel better as a society. Thank you :)

  • chennyme By chennyme

    McDonald's needs to get more fresh items on the menu. Everything they offer comes straight from the freezer. They need to focus on having higher quality food instead of worrying about their competitors. Their are millions that love McDonalds so its not like their hurting for business.

  • brendasgreenenvy By brendasgreenenvy

    I think they should stop competing and stay true to themselves and their values. People will come.

  • pamela56 By pamela56

    more of a good thing

  • ghpc70 By ghpc70

    Let customers decide on their own value meals. Pick their own options.

  • ladyevedomme By ladyevedomme

    I think they should stick with what works when something apparently does NOT work! Focus a lot on kids, of course, and new and innovative, but not "save the world at McDonalds".

  • Jesxplayer By Jesxplayer

    I think it would be great to see the same fruits that McDonald's puts in their parfait and smoothies on their pancakes. That would be a great treat and a much cheaper alternative to other choices like this at iHop and Waffle House. I would get one every time I passed there on my way to work in the morning.

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