Celebrate Women's History Month with These Women Owned Companies & Win!

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 19, 2024

Happy Women’s History Month! From the special women in our lives like our mothers and grandmothers, to the women like Bell Hooks and Malala Yousafzai who have made the world a more equitable and empowering space for women everywhere, this is a time to celebrate womanhood and all it encompasses.

This year, SheSpeaks is celebrating Women’s History Month by sharing some women-owned businesses that not only stand out as courageous female founders but also as inventors who have created products and organizations that actively empower women everywhere! 

As an OBGYN resident, Shannon Klingman, M.D, found that many women came in complaining about odor, and some patients even left with false diagnoses or unnecessary antibiotics in an attempt to remove the smell. Dr Klingman was determined to find a better solution and through her research, discovered that the same reaction that occurs in our armpits and causes body odor happens all over our bodies! This is why she created Lume, the whole body deodorant, which helps women combat all types of body order! Not only is Lume is science-based, and proven effective, but it comes in a variety of forms from solid deodorant to cream tubes so there is truly something that works for every body.

Little Words Project 
After enduring years of bullying, founder and CEO, Adriana Carrig, began making bracelets in college, studded with affirmations, for herself and the women close to her in order to remind herself and others of just how special and worthy they are. Adriana, realizing something so small could make such a difference in the tough times, founded the Little Words Project, to empower women and people everywhere! After ten years, Adriana has produced over a million beautifully crafted, colorfully aesthetic bracelets and flaunts a community of people who possess kindness as their superpower.

The story of NodPod began when founder, Melissa Bamberg, was searching for the perfect filling for her strap-free sleep mask idea, and discovered the clinical phenomenon of deep touch pressure, in order to promote restful sleep through the reduction of stress. Melissa made it her mission to create products that took advantage of this and with the help of her mother, created NodPod, the weighted sleep mask. Made with breathable fabric that is free from chemicals and filled with beads of the perfect weight to instill comfort, NodPod promotes worry-free sleep for all!

Rent the Runway 
Rent the Runway all began when founders, Jenn Hyman and Jenny Fleiss, wondered about the possibility of harnessing designer fashion for your big events without the price. After steadily growing from rentable dresses outside of their Harvard Business school, to working with the biggest designers in corporate fashion, these women have not only been able to share designer fashion with women of all price points, but have also been able to support a more environmentally conscious sector of the fashion industry through their rentable pieces. Today, Rent the Runway has incorporated rentable jewelry, plus size fashion, and even monthly subscriptions for their dedicated renters!

Zeera: Mental Health 
Founder and CEO, Ariela Safira, has a vast resume of experience in the mental health industry, including researching approaches and building mental health clinics. She even began training at Columbia’s Clinical Psychology program to train as a therapist, however, this is when she decided to leave in order to create her own mental health initiative, which would become known as Zeera. Zeera aims to approach mental health from an accessibility-centric mindset. Considering cost, stigma, and never-ending waitlists, Ariela and her team of therapists have formulated a new model of care through the Zeera app that makes mental health assistance accessible to everyone, regardless of location or financial status.

Which special women in your life are you celebrating during Women's History Month? Tell us below for a chance to win a Nodpod Sleep Mask ($34 value). 

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MissDoodiekins by MissDoodiekins | TORRANCE, CA
Apr 15, 2024

I'm celebrating both of my mothers

kuchick by kuchick | Abilene, KS
Apr 14, 2024

I am celebrating my mom and my coworkers who help make a high school a better place!

breaannabanana by breaannabanana | san antonio, TX
Apr 08, 2024

Celebrating my mom

nicole49712 by nicole49712 | Boyne City, MI
Apr 04, 2024

My mother and my daughter.

takgirl14 by takgirl14 | PRT WASHINGTN, NY
Apr 04, 2024

I'm celebrating my mom

jmac272 by jmac272 | Fallston, MD
Apr 02, 2024

My mom

attila3 by attila3 | maricopa, AZ
Apr 02, 2024

my MIL

KSparks by KSparks | PORTLAND, OR
Apr 02, 2024

My friend

AnsahM by AnsahM | FORT WORTH, TX
Apr 02, 2024

I organize brunch together annually, with all my ladies who make a huge difference in my life and others :D My Mom, Granny, Sister, friends, co-workers, teachers, and my power puff ladies who keep me motivated & always support me.

ecollins86 by ecollins86 | Laveen, AZ
Apr 01, 2024

My sister

saleago by saleago | Horseheads, NY
Mar 31, 2024

My mother.

LMP4775 by LMP4775 | Pahrump, NV
Mar 29, 2024

I celebrate my two grown daughters. They have both over come and are healing from trauma. They have not allowed it to take control and have instead used it to make their lives better. I am proud of both of them. They are amazing, smart, kind, selfless women. They both would give their last if someone else needed it. Be it a shirt, food etc. I'm amazed at the kindness my daughters give. They are the most amazing humans I had the pleasure of creating. They are both continuing to go on their own paths and continuing to make good choices.

vickimarie2002 by vickimarie2002 | Aurora, NE
Mar 28, 2024

My Mom and my sister.

kelseyjl87 by kelseyjl87 | BISMARCK, ND
Mar 27, 2024

My mother and sister!

kelseyjl87 by kelseyjl87 | BISMARCK, ND
Mar 27, 2024

My mother and sister!