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We recently conducted a survey asking how women use product reviews in their day to day lives and all signs point to onli…

    by SheSpeaksTeam    Nov 09, 2022

SheSpeaks survery reveals how we are dealing with price increases and our plans for future spending

    by SheSpeaksTeam    Aug 02, 2022

SheSpeaks members share their favorite places to shop for groceries and save.

    by SheSpeaksTeam    Jul 22, 2022

A recent top ten online travel planning site list, plus some SheSpeaks member reviews, highlight top websites to help you…

    by SheSpeaksTeam    Jun 06, 2022

Let's be honest, sometimes talking about finances can be tough and many of us might not know where to start.

    by SheSpeaksTeam    May 25, 2022

Normalize talk about money & learn more about Fidelity's Women Talk Money community.

    by SheSpeaksTeam    May 23, 2022

If you're all out of ideas on what to bring the host and a bottle of wine is just too basic, here are a few simple SheSpe…

    by SheSpeaksTeam    Nov 17, 2021

The pandemic puppy boom has left many in the market for a reliable pet hair vacuum.

    by SheSpeaksTeam    Apr 26, 2021