How Important Are Product Reviews When Making a Purchase?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 09, 2022


If you find yourself hesitant to make a purchase before scouring the all important product review section, you’re not alone. We recently conducted a survey asking how women use product reviews in their day to day lives and all signs point to online reviews being a big factor. 
More than 1,100 of you responded to this survey and here are some interesting key takeaways:

Do product reviews help us decide what to buy?

  • Close to 100% of women surveyed (96%) say they have read online product reviews before deciding to make a purchase. 
  • Many times a product review can actually persuade us to make a purchase with 89% of women saying they bought products after seeing reviews.
  • Even while shopping in-store, more than half (51%) say they have looked up online reviews in the aisle before making a decision.
  • We are willing to pay extra for a well-reviewed item. Only 14% said they wouldn’t spend more for a product if it had better online reviews. 
  • How much more are we willing to pay if a product has glowing reviews? 30% would pay 10% more; 16% would pay 11-20% more; 11% would pay 21% more. Also, 27% are not sure how much more they would pay- but they would pay more. 
Which online reviews really speak to us? 
  • Text accompanied with a photo are the most influential type of product review with 140% saying this is more influential than just text alone and even 41% more influential than video reviews.
Which products work best with reviews?
  • Beauty products was the number one category where 73% of women consult product reviews before a purchase.
  • Next on the list is electronics (67%), appliances (67%) and clothing (61%).
  • Women said they used product reviews least when shopping for auto care products (23%), seasonal items (30%), cars (30%) and toys (33%).
Where do we get product info and who do we trust?
  • Social media posts from friends, families, or someone you follow is leading the charge with 75% saying this is a trustworthy way to learn product information. 
  • Only 9% say they would listen to ads/infomercials for product info and 28% would trust journalist reviews.
Why write a review?
  • It seems positive experiences are a better reason for many of us to post a review with 75% siting this reason for why they felt the need to share a review.
  • Close to 60% have written reviews after having a poor experience with a product purchase. 
What do you think of the survey results showing how much we rely on product reviews when making a purchase?

How do you decide to make a purchase?

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Peaches34 by Peaches34 | MC CONNELLSBG, PA
Dec 29, 2022

By reading the product reviews

Groovygirl180 by Groovygirl180 | WORCESTER, MA
Dec 07, 2022

I rely on them, but I don't use store website reviews because so many are fake. I use ConsumerReports, CNet, and TrustPilot. They're professional reviewers!

Itsmelillex22 by Itsmelillex22 | Houston, TX
Nov 19, 2022


jacque2022 by jacque2022 | OMAHA, NE
Nov 16, 2022

I read reviews for most of the stuff i intend to buy

Kayliegnoel by Kayliegnoel | Cincinnati , OH
Nov 13, 2022

I typically read the reviews and view images. Make sure that you're purchasing off safe sites and stores.

MissBlair0220 by MissBlair0220 | Cayce, SC
Nov 12, 2022

I always always always look at product reviews and furthermore I write TONS of reviews myself too!

Neeks91748 by Neeks91748 | Rowland Heights, CA
Nov 12, 2022

I always look at recommendations. See how many stars a product has. I really like reading the comments and stuff just to see what others say about something I'm about to purchase whether it be a product or a place to stay

simbalala by simbalala | Rockaway, NJ
Nov 11, 2022

Agree. Reviews help to decide

nickelet11 by nickelet11 | ROSWELL, GA
Nov 11, 2022

i like amazon reviews WITH photos and video.

ElizabethMenard by ElizabethMenard | NOBLESVILLE, IN
Nov 10, 2022

I sometimes like to read reviews on products before I buy especially if I'm ordering online and I can't physically see the product in person.

bettyboopers by bettyboopers | Los Angeles , CA
Nov 10, 2022

I do a lot of research online to see if it's the product for me

edjona by edjona | NAPERVILLE, IL
Nov 10, 2022

If there are reviews I will read them. Because I never know what I might find out, some reviews are really helpful in deciding on whether to buy something.

kellil by kellil | WARSAW, NY
Nov 10, 2022

I thoroughly read all of the reviews I can especially when making a more expensive purchase

ligia13 by ligia13 | LAKESIDE, CA
Nov 09, 2022

I reviewed a high cost item all the time before I buy it.