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Spy Cam Barbie: Boycott or Buy?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 11.07.10
Spy Cam Barbie: Boycott or Buy?
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Over the years we have seen toys become more and more high tech in an effort to keep up with the growing trends our kids find appealing..  Now it’s Barbies turn.  Mattel recently introduced us to “Video Girl” Barbie which is a Barbie doll with a small spy camera hidden inside her necklace.  The camera allows kids to take their own videos that can be up to 30 minutes in length.  But the new high tech Barbie has many parents outraged and demanding the “toy” be taken off the market.

A recent report from the Today show discusses the boycott that was instigated by Sally Anne-McCormack, an Australian psychologist, over the spy cam doll.  McCormack believes this product will make it all too easy for kids to film inappropriate behavior and then upload it on the internet.  She also believes adults can use the the doll to exploit children.  McCormack says, “Boycott this product and refuse to shop in any store that justifies selling this potentially pornographic tool.”

The hidden camera doll seems especially inappropriate to a lot of parents probably because kids who play with Barbies are typically very young, many under the age of six.  Because after all, what would a 6-year-old need a hidden camera in their room for?  Others think the Barbie “Video Girl” doll is nothing new and will not allow kids to do anything they aren’t already doing on their cell phones that are equipped with cameras.  

What do you think of the Barbie “Video Girl” hidden camera doll?

Would you purchase this doll for your child if they asked for it or do you think it is better off being boycotted?

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  • ronniann By ronniann

    I agree with shellybugb. Most kids playing with a Barbie are not going to be on the internet....and if they are, they probably will not be doing it without an adult present. I see the potential for the wrong people to use this in the wrong way but I also see it as a way for kids to be creative. A hand-held camera would probably make more sense though but I don't see a reason to boycott. If you don't want your child playing with this, don't get your child one.

  • lockliss By lockliss

    My daughter never played with Barbie. Does anyone know what this doll is selling for?? I think the camera is not appropriate and just another way for Mattel to charge more for a plastic doll because it has a little camera in it. It's all about the $$$$$.

  • jrosenthal1477 By jrosenthal1477

    OMG!!!! I Had No Clue That there were such dolls out on the market! They should not be sold, because it is inappropriate. I would never ourchase that doll

  • patrossi2004 By patrossi2004

    Gotta say a cell phone is also inappropriate for kids this what parent has a child theat has free access to the internet...why boycot...just be a good parent

  • jrledford77 By jrledford77

    I think this would be a good idea for parents to use if they are worried about their babysitter or nanny, but honestly kids do not need this. If anyone has been on Facebook lately and the things that are posted from 12 year old girls and boys they would know that this doll could cause a lot of mental and emotional damage if used by an older sibling that "didnt think it was a big deal".

  • eldapc11 By eldapc11

    I would never buy this for my daughter. If I want my daughter to be more creative and artistic I would buy her those digital cameras specially designed for children and designed for the parents to uploads the pictures.

  • dfran157 By dfran157

    This just doesn't sound right at all... Boycott!

  • Cinnamon2002 By Cinnamon2002

    I agree! I saw this doll last night and think it should be taken off the market. Kids can be naturally mischevious, but why give them fuel to the fire?

  • Foofie5 By Foofie5

    What is a child going to video? Every family has some kind of camera so why does a child have to have a video camera in a doll. When I played Barbies (many moons ago) nothing of that nature was ever thought of and we were fine playing with them. Why does technology wreck the imagination?

  • EngineerPSU By EngineerPSU

    wierd. would not want one in my house that's for sure!

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