Spy Cam Barbie: Boycott or Buy?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 11.07.10
Spy Cam Barbie: Boycott or Buy?
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Over the years we have seen toys become more and more high tech in an effort to keep up with the growing trends our kids find appealing..  Now it’s Barbies turn.  Mattel recently introduced us to “Video Girl” Barbie which is a Barbie doll with a small spy camera hidden inside her necklace.  The camera allows kids to take their own videos that can be up to 30 minutes in length.  But the new high tech Barbie has many parents outraged and demanding the “toy” be taken off the market.

A recent report from the Today show discusses the boycott that was instigated by Sally Anne-McCormack, an Australian psychologist, over the spy cam doll.  McCormack believes this product will make it all too easy for kids to film inappropriate behavior and then upload it on the internet.  She also believes adults can use the the doll to exploit children.  McCormack says, “Boycott this product and refuse to shop in any store that justifies selling this potentially pornographic tool.”

The hidden camera doll seems especially inappropriate to a lot of parents probably because kids who play with Barbies are typically very young, many under the age of six.  Because after all, what would a 6-year-old need a hidden camera in their room for?  Others think the Barbie “Video Girl” doll is nothing new and will not allow kids to do anything they aren’t already doing on their cell phones that are equipped with cameras.  

What do you think of the Barbie “Video Girl” hidden camera doll?

Would you purchase this doll for your child if they asked for it or do you think it is better off being boycotted?

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  • Shainspirations By Shainspirations

    I personally would not allow my young female child to have such a toy...I too feel that this is a pedophiles dream....an easy way to lure a young mind. With technology being the way it is today...children have webcams at their disposals via their computers, their phones etc. So if they really wanted access they have it. Howevwer, I think its taking it a bit too far when they are being placed in childrens toys...half of the children won't even know how to operate them and the teens would probably misuse the doll spy camera. Why not just keep it and Barbie simple...Every thing does not have to be technological. Wholesome games and toys are still fun for children...we are the ones complicating their lives with all this technology.

  • Jennoh By Jennoh

    This barbie seems like the perfect "present" a child molester could give out to groom their next victim. If only it was just as simple as, would you as a parent give this toy to your child..

  • LilyLex By LilyLex

    BOYCOTT! can you say invasion of privacy

  • kjc1969 By kjc1969

    I am thinking that everyone that wrote a comment is obviously right on both sides. It depends on the way you look at the product. It is ultimately the parents responsibility to protect their child, therefore to each his own. I couldn't say one way or the other if I'd buy it because my children are grown up. If I considered buying it for my grandaughter, I would consult the mother.

  • MyEmptyCanvas By MyEmptyCanvas

    If you don't want your kid to have this toy or film things simply don't buy it & who said the child or parent HAS to upload the video to the internet. I'm pretty sure no child under 9 years old is going to be buying this doll themselves, it is the parents that will IF they want their child to have it. There are PLENTY of other devices out there for perverts to use with much better clarity than this doll may have, not to say some sicko wouldn't try it (or upgrade it themselves by jacking wires, etc) they have and will with other equipment if they truly want to. Heck I want to see if for myself in "real life". It's probably overpriced. I think it'd be a fun little toy for a kid to see themselves or capturing the "life of dolls" as they play with their other ones that aren't equipped with a 30 min. camera. & to those thinking I may be a Barbie fan - nope, never was.

  • rachelmk By rachelmk

    Ugh! Are you kidding me?! This barbie is RIDICULOUS and CREEPY....Boycott it! Plus, why are we even trying to make barbie dolls high-tech?.....what happened to the simple, good toys that allow kids to just use their imagination WITHOUT all the technology??

  • lil_red25 By lil_red25

    She is kinda ugly though. Looks like she smoked to manyh ciggarettes or something........

  • lil_red25 By lil_red25

    Please don't take it out on Barbie. There are tons of cameras, cell phones and other recording devices that are geared to children. It's not like this is a suprise nor should it be a problem. I think it gives girls a chance to learn and be creative. She may grow up to be a producer or photographer.

  • SweetRamblings7 By SweetRamblings7

    I think it could be used as a nanny cam type of product. A product to watch babysitters.

  • yamagirl By yamagirl

    I never knew they had those. I wouldn't say boycott it, but I dont know if i would buy it. Is it supose to be like a hidden camera say for babysitting and things like that?

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