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Pump It Up: Eleven Tips for Excerising Regularly

on Nov 28, 2010: Some very helpful tips. I would love to exercise more, finding the motivation is the most difficult part!

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The Mane Event: Eight Hair-Care Myths Debunked

on Nov 12, 2010: My husband swears by myth 7- shaving makes hair grow faster. He claims that he started shaving at age 12 0r 13, and by the age of 15 had a full beard and facial hear. I know he's not lying about that, I've seen pictures. but it could just be genetics that had caused him to grow a lot of facial hai…

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Stealing From Our Kids

on Nov 12, 2010: Wow, I had never realized that this was such a common thing. I remember seeing a news story a few years ago about a man that had done this to his son. I thought to myself at the time what a terrible thing for him to have done to his own child. But I had thought that this was an isolated incident.…