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Spy Cam Barbie: Boycott or Buy?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 11.07.10
Spy Cam Barbie: Boycott or Buy?
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Over the years we have seen toys become more and more high tech in an effort to keep up with the growing trends our kids find appealing..  Now it’s Barbies turn.  Mattel recently introduced us to “Video Girl” Barbie which is a Barbie doll with a small spy camera hidden inside her necklace.  The camera allows kids to take their own videos that can be up to 30 minutes in length.  But the new high tech Barbie has many parents outraged and demanding the “toy” be taken off the market.

A recent report from the Today show discusses the boycott that was instigated by Sally Anne-McCormack, an Australian psychologist, over the spy cam doll.  McCormack believes this product will make it all too easy for kids to film inappropriate behavior and then upload it on the internet.  She also believes adults can use the the doll to exploit children.  McCormack says, “Boycott this product and refuse to shop in any store that justifies selling this potentially pornographic tool.”

The hidden camera doll seems especially inappropriate to a lot of parents probably because kids who play with Barbies are typically very young, many under the age of six.  Because after all, what would a 6-year-old need a hidden camera in their room for?  Others think the Barbie “Video Girl” doll is nothing new and will not allow kids to do anything they aren’t already doing on their cell phones that are equipped with cameras.  

What do you think of the Barbie “Video Girl” hidden camera doll?

Would you purchase this doll for your child if they asked for it or do you think it is better off being boycotted?

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  • SZYmom By SZYmom

    To play devils advocate- how is this different from that spy-cam helicopter that they advertise on tv, or the spy-cam remote control vehicles? Both are childrens toys, but those are more "boy toys" while the Barbie is a "girl toy". I find it somewhat interesting the lack of controversy over the spy-cam vehicles. Although I do admit my first thought in regards to this doll was... creepy! Maybe because a helicopter flying around, or a vehicle driving across the floor are way more noticeable? I'm not sure. But, with any toy, and Internet usage obviously, it's up to the parents to supervise their children!

  • vintagepurple By vintagepurple

    my problem with the toy is the viewing screewn on barbies back, seems alittle un settleing to me,

  • rowansmom1127 By rowansmom1127

    Its a toy , we have the choice to let them on the internet . as long as your keeping an eye on what your child is doing there shouldn't be anything wrong with the toy.

  • cassidylovesyeww By cassidylovesyeww

    It is just a toy. How many 5 year old girls are going to be making "innapropriate" videos of theirselves? I mean honestly, if your little girl is doing that then you have more problems than a Barbie! I think it is a dumb idea for toy but it shouldn't be boycotted.

  • florioa784 By florioa784

    I do not have children, But the placement of the camera and the screen is just creepy. Why so hidden. I agree cameras are more readily available just seems odd.

  • SteffieJr By SteffieJr

    Since Barbie is mostly played with by girls between the ages of 5 - 8, I don't see the reason why Barbie should have a webcam in their chest or why girls of this age should be putting their recorded videos online to share with the world.

  • mommasuesue By mommasuesue

    Children Have enough video gadgets already and I agree they could be used for inapproriate behaviors !!!!

  • krys2000 By krys2000

    As a mom of 3, ages 10, 3, & 4, I am disconcerted by this product. My 10 year old & 3 year old play with Barbies all the time but there is NO need of a spycam. Plus, as an electronic device, it's far too easy for these cameras to be tampered with. A simple programming code change or a microchip added makes this the PERFECT gadget for a pedophile. I will not be buying this doll for my girls & if anyone else buys one for them, I will thank them, then go in my garage a smash it with a hammer and toss it out. I don't want to be remotely responsible for some child being exploited by a predator.

  • Gin257 By Gin257

    I personally would not buy his doll. However, kids often have access to cell phones with cameras and actualy video recorders. So I don't see a huge difference. And the camera appears to be obvious, not hidden. I see no harm in letting a parent decide if this is something they would want their kid to have.

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    Wow! unbelieveable.

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