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Pushed Into Pregnancy

on Nov 12, 2010: I not only think that it is OK, if the numbers really are what are being presented there, they should be a standard part of the intro screening. When you consider the questions that are initially asked when you enter this type of clinic, is "Are you being pressured to conceive?" really all that i…

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Fired For Facebook Remarks

on Nov 12, 2010: Just to play devils advocate, why shouldn't she be allowed to vent her frustration with someone that made her workday miserable on her personal Facebook page. If the posts are made on personal time and do not contain lies, why shouldn't she be allowed to voice her opinion. If we are not allo…

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Spy Cam Barbie: Boycott or Buy?

on Nov 12, 2010: I wonder how many people are saying Boycott when they just mean they would not buy it. Boycotting is making a moral stand and in that case, I wonder how many of those that are "boycotting" also boycotted stuffed animals with nannie cams. It's seems that a lot of the "boycotters" are really just…