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A "Tiger Mom" Tells All

on Jan 29, 2011: I have never seen or heard of this, but I think this chick is going overboard. I can totally relate to her forcing them to say play a musical instrument, because I have had to force my own kids into doing things they didnt want to do and they ended up actually liking it, but at least them THEM cho…

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Expecting Moms Didn't Expect This

on Jan 21, 2011: We are all becoming more toxic by the minute. Everything in our homes releases toxins from the paint on the walls to the rugs on the floors and everything else in between. With many products coming from foreign countries that do not have the same types of regulations that we do, we are all exposed…

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Black Friday: From Burglary to Brawls

on Dec 01, 2010: Black Friday is absolutely out of control. I live in Buffalo, NY and this story has been all over the news since it happened. There was a guy who fell and people just trampled him -- I cant even imagine feeling peoples feet stepping on you and crushing you and not even caring. They walked on this …