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Women Left Out Of The Locker Room?

Women Left Out Of The Locker Room?

Even if you aren’t into sports you probably heard about the recent media frenzy involving TV reporter Ines Sainz’s encounter in the NY Jets locker room.  Sainz received lots of media attention after it was reported that while waiting to give an interview in the locker room she fell victim to sexual harassment in the form of “catcalls” from some of the players.  Though she denies ever feeling offended by remarks made about her in the locker room, she has received apologies from the team’s owner and the media frenzy has only escalated since the event occurred.

Multiple debates have arisen after Sainz’s encounter in the Jets locker room.  People are questioning whether it is appropriate to allow women reporters access to men’s locker rooms after the games.  Men are often not wearing much and feeling the effects of testosterone and adrenaline after competing in the game.  

Some reports have even placed the blame of sexual harassment on the way Sainz was dressed at the time, calling the snug jeans and white top too provocative for a TV reporter to wear on the job.  Others believe this is just another way to place the blame on the woman and feel her outfit was completely appropriate.

Sainz has stated numerous times that she did not feel she was a victim of sexual harassment while in the Jets locker room.  The New York Daily News reports that she has said, “It was simply a situation that got out of hand.  I waited for the interview with Mark Sanchez, we did it and it turned out great...the next day the press is reporting that I was a victim of harassment and inappropriate behaviour by the Jets...In no moment did I feel attacked or subjected to anything really offensive.”

What do you think of the controversy surrounding Ines Sainz’s encounter in the Jets locker room?

Do you think it is appropriate for women reporters to interview men in locker rooms after the game and dress the way she was dressed at the time?

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  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    Dressed the "way" she was dressed??? Come on! If the men can't "handle" it (how sexy she was), women will never be equal to men. She was just trying to do her job. Give me a break.

  • SavdByGrace By SavdByGrace

    Would a male reporter be welcome in the locker room of a women's team where the women are often not wearing much? I don't think reporting on a game should take precedence over propriety. Any report needed can be scheduled for after the player(s) have a chance to freshen up. The jeans Ms. Sainz is wearing scream "provocative" with the way they are exaggeratedly accentuating the space between her buttocks. This is not appropriate wear for any place except the street corner, let alone as a reporter on the job, even if it is related to sports.

  • Von411 By Von411

    She is an a very attractive women and of course its her fault and so on. Women will never have equal rights. Aside from that why can't men just learn how to control there harmones... I mean we not talking about kids. We are talking about grown adults...

  • butrcupluv By butrcupluv

    How about no Sports Reporting in the Locker Room. Period. And I do not believe women should be in the Men's room or Men in the Women's Room. Just make a wise business decision and have all post game interviews in a dedicated area or on the field. She is not necessarily dressed professionally but many news anchors aren't either. Not even "business casual". There is minimal modesty in our female media. Her employer has the right to enforce a unilateral dress code for reporters and so does the NFL. You can't control horomones but you can control actions. Biology isn't the problem here. Actions should be taken on both sides to fix this issue.

  • mardel By mardel

    She was a professional reporter on duty but she dressed more like she was going out on a date or something. What happened to professionalism by her part? Men should never find an excuse to act like cavemen but if women don't respect themselves and be professional and sexy at the right time than we are somewhat to blame.

  • shoemaker616 By shoemaker616

    She should of given her outfit more thought. If you want to be treated as a professional then you should dress like you are a professional.

  • kathutch1 By kathutch1

    Seems like she uses the offit to her advantage but this time it did not work in her favor. I think she should be more professional in attitude & dress attire. She did get everyones attention wonder if that is what she was after?

  • dvschic By dvschic

    she's not a professional reporter, she's eye candy for a spanish station. have you seen some of her reporting? she confuses teams, calls people the wrong name and has no idea what she's talking about. Perhaps if she was truly a reporter and not just a bimbo with a microphone she would have been given some respect. She's giving other women, who truly are reporters, a disadvantage by making such a fuss about this. Have you ever seen Michelle Tofoya complain about her treatment? No, because she's respected as a reporter not a piece of @$$.

  • madisond By madisond

    Reporters - men or women should not be allowed in locker rooms, period. Make the reporters wait at an area designated for them and let the athletes come to them when they are dressed and ready for interviews, etc.

  • bgerdau By bgerdau

    What did she expect going into a mens locker room, and dressed like that. If she wanted respect she should have at least dressed professionally.

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