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Mommy's Little Estudiante: Why Kids Should Be Bilingual

on Apr 26, 2011: I like the idea of my kids being bilingual, I speak English and their Dad speaks Spanish to them. The only problem I is that my son who is in kindergarten is being judged for being bilingual. If he has any problems or questions they blame it on him being taught 2 languages in the house hold and …

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Women Left Out Of The Locker Room?

on Oct 28, 2010: I agree I don't think women should be in a mans locker room and the same goes for a man in a women. I also believe that she should have been dressed professionally and not so casual.

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Toning Footwear: Fact or Fiction?

on Oct 28, 2010: I have the curve sandals that I had gotten from the Avon store and I love them. I stand straighter my back and knees don't hurt when I wear them. They cost me all of $30 and they have tighten my butt. I walk / run 5 miles a day and no pain. I even had my Mom who is 5 '2 and is very over weight …