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A Resort With Blonde Ambition

on Nov 07, 2010: Oh my God, it's hell on earth! Everybody run for your lives!!! An all-blonde spa that promotes vanity and sexism; are you kidding me! For me, that's a nightmare. I am totally disgusted by this place!

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Toning Footwear: Fact or Fiction?

on Nov 07, 2010: I bought a pair of Tone-Ups flip-flops this summer. They didn't really work, and instead gave me CALOUSES!!! I was constantly tripping and walking unsteadily, almost like a drunk, in these shoes. I would definietly not wear them again.

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Venting On The Net

on Nov 07, 2010: I think that this site can be very therapudic. When I first heard this site's name, I thought it was a place for people to write innapropriate, angry e-mails to ex-girlfriends and bosses who have just fired them. Instead, I read touching stories. I think that, as long as this site isn't used unres…