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Women Left Out Of The Locker Room?

Women Left Out Of The Locker Room?

Even if you aren’t into sports you probably heard about the recent media frenzy involving TV reporter Ines Sainz’s encounter in the NY Jets locker room.  Sainz received lots of media attention after it was reported that while waiting to give an interview in the locker room she fell victim to sexual harassment in the form of “catcalls” from some of the players.  Though she denies ever feeling offended by remarks made about her in the locker room, she has received apologies from the team’s owner and the media frenzy has only escalated since the event occurred.

Multiple debates have arisen after Sainz’s encounter in the Jets locker room.  People are questioning whether it is appropriate to allow women reporters access to men’s locker rooms after the games.  Men are often not wearing much and feeling the effects of testosterone and adrenaline after competing in the game.  

Some reports have even placed the blame of sexual harassment on the way Sainz was dressed at the time, calling the snug jeans and white top too provocative for a TV reporter to wear on the job.  Others believe this is just another way to place the blame on the woman and feel her outfit was completely appropriate.

Sainz has stated numerous times that she did not feel she was a victim of sexual harassment while in the Jets locker room.  The New York Daily News reports that she has said, “It was simply a situation that got out of hand.  I waited for the interview with Mark Sanchez, we did it and it turned out great...the next day the press is reporting that I was a victim of harassment and inappropriate behaviour by the Jets...In no moment did I feel attacked or subjected to anything really offensive.”

What do you think of the controversy surrounding Ines Sainz’s encounter in the Jets locker room?

Do you think it is appropriate for women reporters to interview men in locker rooms after the game and dress the way she was dressed at the time?

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  • pennysfromheaven By pennysfromheaven

    First I think no one should be allowed in the locker room. Secondly, she was not dressed professionally. She was dressed to call attention to herself and she got it.

  • Brindamorr By Brindamorr

    There should be an interview area that is apart from the dressing rooms. The locker area should be for coaches and players only.

  • jenndta69 By jenndta69

    What bothers me the most about this, is that she (Inez) was not the reporter complained about anything. It was another female reporter in the locker room that stirred this all up. I have a suspect that maybe she might have been a little jealous of the other female reporter. Who are we to say who gets harassed or not? If it does not bother her, it does not bother me.

  • tonia_jeff By tonia_jeff

    Another thing we need to worry about(not) this is so stupid there are so many other things going on in the world right now that of real importance

  • lorisann By lorisann

    There should be a designated area for interviews after any game / match and no more locker room interviews. From 3 different stories I have read of the incident, this may be a matter of things being overblowned because she said she didn't hear anybody talk about her. Secondly, if she would have walked in my office or in my path dressed like that, everybody even the women would have been looking at her and talking about her outfit. It was not appropriate.

  • eldapc11 By eldapc11

    This story is ridiculous and has gotten blown out of proportion. The reporter had no problem with the comments made by the players, if she didn't feel offended why did someone else feel the need to report it. At the same time it reminds me of cases were women have really been sexually abused and some people say, "Well it's her fault she provoked him, she brought it on herself"

  • kazelton By kazelton

    no excuse for men to be that way...but we ALL know by now that that is how men (not all) generally are...yes, she should be able to dress as she desires but...I kinda laughed when in one interview she stated that there was nothing wrong with those jeans...they were "my size" she said. Seriously?

  • Aspiringauthor09 By Aspiringauthor09

    i think that if you are any sort of figure in the media, be it a reporter for Good Morning America or just a rinky-dink local news reporter for the smallest state ever, you should be dressed tastefully. a newsreporter is supposed to be an intelligent, tasteful person who dresses... well, like a newsreporter should dress! they are making female newsreporters more and more sexual. i think that society has taken something with dignity and turned it sexual. that women didn't feel threatened, but people immediately assumed she was going to do the whole team in there. maybe, if america is too sexed to handle something like this, then female newsreporters shouldn't go into mens' locker rooms. i also think she did this for publicity. she should know that men will be men and that you can't just walk into a locker room looking like that. i shouldn't blame society entirely; she is innapropriate and asked for anything she got

  • gogrl71 By gogrl71

    The women was just dressed casual, since when is casual innapropriate? But I don't think that the reporters should go into locker rooms just because the men in there are half naked walking around. Its a weird situation..

  • aminaha By aminaha

    This excuse for a reporter was dressed innapropriately as usual. Besides there was no reason it couldn't wait until the players were finished dressing- the question was of no importance anyway. I think this whole issue was blown out of proportion by her and the NFL and its joke of a commissioner.

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