Oprah Opens School For Girls in South Africa

   By drodriguez  Apr 25, 2007

If you haven't heard, Oprah Winfrey recently opened a school for disadvantaged girls near Johannesburg in South Africa. She put much time and money (over 40 million dollars) into the project over the past few years. Unlike most schools, Oprah's has extra perks like a yoga studio, indoor and outdoor theaters, and a beauty salon, all designed to make the girls feel special in a way probably never dreamed possible.

All of the 152 girls handpicked by Oprah (over 3,000 applied) come from impoverished towns and many have led very tragic lives up until this point. They are all extremely bright and have a strong desire to succeed but without the opportunities and doors Oprah's school will open for them there is a very good chance their hardships will continue.

South Africa is a region of the world where the HIV/AIDS rate is very high and many live in poverty. Oprah Winfrey has said that she expects her school to turn out South Africa's future leaders. By educating these girls now she is empowering them to change their country's dire circumstances.

What do you think of Oprah Winfrey's latest project in South Africa?
Do you think the girls in this school will become South Africa's leaders of tomorrow?

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Betty2 by Betty2 | Arcadia, FL
Aug 14, 2007

Oprah HAS done a LOT right here in the US! I watch her show every day, and I have seen her help give a Foster Mom a decent home to be able to keep these children in a safe environment.

How many cars she has *given* away to people who could NOT afford one otherwise! Just yesterday, she help a couple makeover their home...just so they could SELL it!

So what if she accepts recognition for what she does...it also helps promote her *willingness* TO help people who are in need, and in turn promotes people to TURN to her FOR that help!

People need to open their hearts, minds, & eyes...and LOOK at the *WHOLE* picture of what Oprah is doing for a LOT of people...both in the USA and abroad!

MY hat is off to Oprah! KEEP up the GOOD work!

coops1363 by coops1363 | crystal falls, MI
Jun 06, 2007

i really think it doesn't matter if you are poor or rich to do a good deed for someone will reflect the world somehow! i really am proud of oprah - she has done this wonderful thing for the girls in africa and a million other things for people here in the usa - we just don't hear about everything she does.if all the celebrities would just give a little then our whole world will be a much better place! but remember we can all make some sort of a difference in the world - you don't need money to do a good deed!!

amerksfan1 by amerksfan1 | Rochester, NY
Jun 06, 2007

When Oprah decides to take care of the "girls" in the United States, let me know. What ever happened to the "take care of your people at home" theory? I can't stand Oprah. Never could, probably never will.

allyd by allyd | Fishers, IN
Jun 03, 2007

It is hard to have an issue with the tremendous opportunity afforded to these young girls. The many posts about the possibility of a US school of equal impact mirror my concerns. When Oprah indicated that US children do not have the same desire to learn and value of education, I happened to turn on Oprah that day. It is hard to talk about the values of American children, when every show- including hers - has a materialistic quality that values and emphasizes possessions. The true power any all the feel good Oprah stories, is that we all have the power to give back, help someone else, pay it forward, help someone to dream bigger, help the dream become a reality....and if we all used our power like Oprah, there would be a lot less of a reason to focus on her. God Bless what she does. God Bless what each of us decides to do - with whatever time, treasure and talents we have.

garber6th by garber6th | Lomita, CA
May 21, 2007

I do think Oprah has done some awesome work to help people but I agree with those who wonder why she isn't doing the same for American girls. They could really use it too.

luckyl65 by luckyl65 | Columbia, SC
May 21, 2007

Oprah is wonderful, everything she does helps someone, she is one of my heroes.

tmjenkins by tmjenkins | Spring, TX
May 16, 2007

I have to agree with miamaria. Building a school and making girls feel special is a WONDERFUL thing but aren't there little girls here in America who would benefit from such a school/program? Why is it necessary to go so far to help others? Is it because she has become best buddies with Nelson Mandela? Is it really just about giving or does the giving include selfish benefit?

momandally07 by momandally07 | Prospect Park, PA
May 15, 2007

I think what Oprah did was WONDERFUL, but what about the other children? The boys? The adults suffering from disease? The jealous girls who didn't get picked? I think what she did was great, but in a way she may have made it worse for the rest of the Africans.

nsmith by nsmith | Mount Holly, NJ
May 15, 2007

I think it is a great asset to us women.I wish there was alot of other stars out there to do this for the needy.People with the most money tends to be greedy with there wealth, but not OPRAH....she is always there to help no matter what. YOU GO OPRAH...Yes I do agree that we need help in the USA. But give her time I know she will not forget the USA NEEDY...Thank You Oprah

miamaria by miamaria | SAN PEDRO, CA
May 14, 2007

Too bad Ms Winfrey could not use her assets and material wealth to open up such a school in the USA! Sorry but charity indeed does begin at home not in Africa. Not dissing her but wish to perhaps get the attention at home where it does belong. NO ONE else will take care of our own but us!

morr05 by morr05 | Bensalem, PA
May 12, 2007

There are other famous rich people who do this type of thing but don:t do it for the recognition. Can you name one thing that Oprah has done that does not have her name on it? Even her O magazine has had no other cover picture on it but Oprah. She is in it for the " Look at me and what I did" attitude. If you do something from the heart you do not look for the praise but from the heart. If she was truly concerned why not help your neighbor in the next state instead of going to a foreign country

JaxxSaxx by JaxxSaxx | national park, NJ
May 11, 2007

Ithink that oprah dose a well job of beeing herself. she's not a stuck up snob that thinks her [poop] dont stink.she did well buy them girls.She should be given some kind of award for beenig a beautiful strong women...

finchmommy by finchmommy | Gloucester City, NJ
May 10, 2007

I truly admire Oprah and the causes she is involved in. Some people thinks she brags about her accomplishments, but I think she is really letting us know some of the problems in the world we may be unaware of. I think she will make an incredible difference in the lives of those young girls, and prepare them to be the leaders of their nation. She has also shown us what we can do on our own budgets to help others, like helping to furnish and equip those new homes for the Katrina victims. (Our own president isn't doing that.) She helps so many people!!!

tinamvain by tinamvain | bridgeton, NJ
May 10, 2007

i like oprah and i watch her sometimes. i to believe she is doing a great thing.i understand that other countries are suffering,but i still think there are many unforgotten children and families in the u.s.a. that need to be told they are worth something too.

maggyoshay by maggyoshay | West Chester, PA
May 10, 2007

I really admire Oprah. Some may think she boasts about what she does - I feel she tries to build awareness on the suffering of the children in Africa. We all have our causes - this happens to be what has touched her deeply. My daughter saw a program years ago when Oprah started working with the children there and was really inspired. She has been involved in college with several groups that raise dollars and awareness. She is traveling to Africa this summer to volunteer with the people in Tanzina. I am very proud of her, and respect her passion.