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Oprah Opens School For Girls in South Africa

SS Member Image By drodriguez 04.25.07
Oprah Opens School For Girls in South Africa
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If you haven't heard, Oprah Winfrey recently opened a school for disadvantaged girls near Johannesburg in South Africa. She put much time and money (over 40 million dollars) into the project over the past few years. Unlike most schools, Oprah's has extra perks like a yoga studio, indoor and outdoor theaters, and a beauty salon, all designed to make the girls feel special in a way probably never dreamed possible.

All of the 152 girls handpicked by Oprah (over 3,000 applied) come from impoverished towns and many have led very tragic lives up until this point. They are all extremely bright and have a strong desire to succeed but without the opportunities and doors Oprah's school will open for them there is a very good chance their hardships will continue.

South Africa is a region of the world where the HIV/AIDS rate is very high and many live in poverty. Oprah Winfrey has said that she expects her school to turn out South Africa's future leaders. By educating these girls now she is empowering them to change their country's dire circumstances.

What do you think of Oprah Winfrey's latest project in South Africa?
Do you think the girls in this school will become South Africa's leaders of tomorrow?

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  • lipglossdreamz By lipglossdreamz

    I think its simply amazing and its about time someone does something like this to help the future.

  • abeer_22 By abeer_22

    It's very inspiring.Giving someone a dream is like giving him life again. i think she is what she is doing.

  • lindawall By lindawall

    I think this is great. If Oprah wants to do the same thing in Tennessee let me know.

  • sdgirljoyce By sdgirljoyce

    I think what Oprah is doing here is great. How many other rich people put their money where their mouth is? Oprah seems to really care.Her actions speak louder than anything she could say.

  • webbksc56 By webbksc56

    I think that Oprah is an amazingly giving person. She has the heart that I think everyone should have.

  • sharman421 By sharman421

    How wonderful that Ms. Winfrey has the ways and means to do such a thing. This will be a true blessing for these girls who would otherwise stand little chance of a voice and a future. It would be a good thing to have such a boarding school right here in the U.S. for underprivileged girls.

  • seedpod94 By seedpod94

    I do feel that Oprah will be a strong influence in the lives of these children in many ways. I recently visited Cape Town, South Africa, and I saw first hand how hard that country is fighting the war against aids and teaching their youth to practice abstinence. However, in the more remote regions of Africa this isn't the case. Oprah, in a sense, has become a potential savior for many of these girls. I hope that we will be able to look back, many years from now, and see how their lives were affected by her kindness and generosity.



  • Mikimoto68 By Mikimoto68

    I don't like Oprah and am really really tired of hearing about her.

  • AJCS001 By AJCS001

    Hopefully these girls will instill in their children a need to learn as well.

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