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Saying Goodbye to ?That Time of the Month?

on Aug 14, 2007: I think *people* need to QUIT playing with GOD's plan, and LET God BE GOD!

That's what's wrong with this world warming, depleted ozone layers, etc. Too many people *stirring* the pot, and adding this or that to it...and the *soup* is turning into sh**!

The *per…

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Oprah Opens School For Girls in South Africa

on Aug 14, 2007: Oprah HAS done a LOT right here in the US! I watch her show every day, and I have seen her help give a Foster Mom a decent home to be able to keep these children in a safe environment.

How many cars she has *given* away to people who could NOT afford one otherwise! Just yesterday, she…

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No Shot Required

on Aug 12, 2007: I think this is a GREAT idea! I am a diabetic, and take shots every day! This would be so much better if they could come up with an insulin that could be taken with this oral strip!

I get so tired of sticking myself every day, and sometimes will *forget* to give myself the shot becaus…