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Things of Interest: The Secret

on Jun 03, 2007: Give me God over energy any day. If we all wrote a book about concepts that are pretty well known, changed the words and dressed up the concepts - we too could be multi-millionaires, at the expense of others.

Give me a belief in God any day - and as for my energy, I think its not a r…

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Another Adoption for Angelina Jolie

on Jun 03, 2007: I didn't realize that collecting children could erase contributing to a high profile celebrity divorce without remorse. If the attention went to the health crisis in foreign countries, the need for every day people to help, the socio-economic impact of the many issues that face our country - then…

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Oprah Opens School For Girls in South Africa

on Jun 03, 2007: It is hard to have an issue with the tremendous opportunity afforded to these young girls. The many posts about the possibility of a US school of equal impact mirror my concerns. When Oprah indicated that US children do not have the same desire to learn and value of education, I happened to turn…