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Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

on Jun 06, 2007: my future daughter in law walks for cancer every year after losing her mom to breast cancer - i am so proud of her!! i helped her raise money to help find a cure - so all women don't have to face that fear! god luck to all the walkers and cancer survivors and families!!

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Dove Ads Spotlight Beauty After Fifty

on Jun 06, 2007: THANK YOU DOVE!! i am proud to say i love these ads - they show women of all sizes and ages what women are really like! i don't see nudity, i see beauty !dove has made the women of the world very proud to be a woman of any shape or size!

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Oprah Opens School For Girls in South Africa

on Jun 06, 2007: i really think it doesn't matter if you are poor or rich to do a good deed for someone will reflect the world somehow! i really am proud of oprah - she has done this wonderful thing for the girls in africa and a million other things for people here in the usa - we just don't hear about everything …