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Yet Another Reason To Quit

on Sep 20, 2007: When I am ready to quit I will. If I did everything the FDA told me to do,(eat this, dont eat that), I would of been dead 20 years ago. Paleeeeeeeze give it a rest! I know a lot of people, mostly women who died of lung cancer and were never exposed to 2nd hand smoke nor smoked themselves. Sorr…

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And Then (After Many Many Tries) There Are Three

on Aug 06, 2007: Modern medicine is wonderful isn't is? When do doctors stop playing God? If God wanted to give a baby then it would happen, I just don't agree with this kind of conception. It's just modern medicine as usuall.

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Getting To Know Michelle Obama

on Aug 06, 2007: I totally agree with bluehenchick, he isnt getting my vote either!