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Is There Reason to Hang on to Your Landline?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 03.02.12
Is There Reason to Hang on to Your Landline?
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As cell phones have now become a way of life, many of us are canceling our landline service in an effort to save money. A recent Bankrate report discusses how popular it has become for us to opt out of landline service and rely solely on cell phones.

A National Center for Health Statistics study recently reported that more than 26 percent of Americans go without a landline telephone in their homes and instead use cell service only.

As we all tighten our belts and whittle our monthly budgets down to what’s necessary, the question of whether we should continue paying for a landline service often comes up.

A lot of us are paying for landline service as part of a TV, internet, phone package and think we are saving money this way. But you may not actually be saving as much as you think. Tech analyst Jeff Kagan estimates that we could save anywhere from $180 to $480 a year just by getting rid of the extra cost of a landline.

But even with the savings, some feel that hanging on to a landline service is a safer way to go in case of an emergency or disaster and cell phone towers are not working.

What do you think? Do you still have a landline in your home?

Would you ever consider canceling your landline service and relying solely on cell service as a way to save money?

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  • nhig1369 By nhig1369

    Yes we have a landline - for the kids to use, no need for them to have a cell yet also I think cells are for emergency's when you are out

  • niferr By niferr

    I like having another number where friends and family can find me without the hassle of dealing with cell service. It makes me feel secure!

  • spark5 By spark5

    I keep mine. I think it's a good idea for emergencies and also with the number of random calls I get from numbers I don't know - I'm glad to have a home phone number to list whenever filling out online information so that I don't get those kinds of calls on my cell phone. I use my home phone number when filling out contests and sweepstakes and product samples, etc.

  • Paintedglass By Paintedglass

    I don't have a "land line," per say, but I do have a MagicJack line that I use a lot. I also have a cell phone that I use when I am out and about. I gave up my real land line a long time ago but it was not cost efficiante for me to keep. Land lines are fast becoming things of the past or just for business.

  • ManalSalem By ManalSalem

    No landline here. We have a iPhone so you can have a extra number if needed by downloading a free app. :)

  • Andrear25 By Andrear25

    I still have my landline as its a number I have had for many years and friends and family call me often on it all the time,and, in case of emergency its good to know that I have it. I actually prefer using it when I am at home. Also, what if something happens to my cell - it breaks, I lose it, etc? I do agree that getting rid of the landline would be a way to save a little money if things get too tight, but I would have to think long and hard about giving it up. Guess I am set in my ways.

  • covergirl8605 By covergirl8605

    My husband and I just got married and moved into a new place. Right now we don't have a need for a landline, but have talked about reconsidering once kids come along.

  • recnacgator By recnacgator

    I don't have a landline, but my magic jack has worked wonders. That is what I use.

  • jenndta69 By jenndta69

    We got rid of our landline about 7 years ago. There was no need for an extra bill since we all have cell phones. Not to mention, in an emergency, we have better success using our cell phones, not a landline.

  • mrssarajackson By mrssarajackson

    We have a landline and i dont think i would get rid of it! I never have to worry about my phone "dying" if i need it and since i am home most of the time it is what i use the most!! To keep costs down our cell phone plan has a very low amount of minutes since i dont use it that often!

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