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Is There Reason to Hang on to Your Landline?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 03.02.12
Is There Reason to Hang on to Your Landline?
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As cell phones have now become a way of life, many of us are canceling our landline service in an effort to save money. A recent Bankrate report discusses how popular it has become for us to opt out of landline service and rely solely on cell phones.

A National Center for Health Statistics study recently reported that more than 26 percent of Americans go without a landline telephone in their homes and instead use cell service only.

As we all tighten our belts and whittle our monthly budgets down to what’s necessary, the question of whether we should continue paying for a landline service often comes up.

A lot of us are paying for landline service as part of a TV, internet, phone package and think we are saving money this way. But you may not actually be saving as much as you think. Tech analyst Jeff Kagan estimates that we could save anywhere from $180 to $480 a year just by getting rid of the extra cost of a landline.

But even with the savings, some feel that hanging on to a landline service is a safer way to go in case of an emergency or disaster and cell phone towers are not working.

What do you think? Do you still have a landline in your home?

Would you ever consider canceling your landline service and relying solely on cell service as a way to save money?

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  • lillamissa By lillamissa

    I went several years without a landline, just cell phones. I added one recently, but that is b/c the company I work for pays for it.

  • SuddenlyMom By SuddenlyMom

    We have a land line on purpose! I love giving that number out, as I like my cell to be more private. I only use my cell to text and when I am out of the house. I also like my toddler to use the land line to talk to grandma and grandpa since the studies of cell phone usage to developing brains is a little sketchy.

  • tigger00mel By tigger00mel

    my husband and i have used just our unlimited cell phone service for over a year now. i have wireless internet, and my dish for tv, so there is no reason for a home phone. its nice to have a way for people to contact me all the time via my cell phone, so there is no reason for the landline!!!

  • gigi62 By gigi62

    We have a landline and I know we will never get rid of it. I live in South Florida and having landline came in handy during and after Hurricane Wilma. There was no cell service and no electricity after the storm, having a landline enabled us to call family,friends and work ( corporate emergency phone no. for disaster).

  • krystlbear By krystlbear

    We don't have a landline anymore. My husband and I both have a cell phone. Before you cut off the landline, we were paying the bill, but never actually using the phone. It was a waste of our money.

  • MeghanBailey By MeghanBailey

    I still have a landline. I think it is important, in our area many cell phone companies do not have great service or it is hit and miss. Having our landline allows us to be able to make or receive phone calls at all times. I use my cell phone mostly for business related or emergencies with my kids at school if I am unable to be reached at home..

  • sandyc42 By sandyc42

    We just got rid of our land line. Didnt see the point in it since the cells get used more than the home phone and we had to cut back some

  • FFReviews By FFReviews

    We still have our landline because it is still cheaper to have it for a calling plan to Canada where my family is and that is pretty much the only reason really. oh and that and like Mrs. Jackson above mentioned we usually do not have to worry about our phone dying, unless the power goes out. :-(

  • Whitimac By Whitimac

    We don't have a landline and learned the hard way how important it is to make sure you have your local police number in your phone and for that matter when you are staying away from home their local number if not and you need an ambulance you may find yourself as I did having to explain to 4 different dispatchers the nature of the emergency while my elderly Mother was sick and losing consciousness before being directed to the local authorities and starting my story all over again for a 5 time, make sure you balance the money you are saving with the ability to get help quickly in an emergency there is no guarrantee where a cell tower is going to direct your 911 call.

  • sguillen50 By sguillen50

    I have a landline which gets used mainly for business things because I don't use a cellphone if it isn't an emergency. I actually don't like having everyone being able to call me whenever or wherever because I have a thank you.

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