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Is There Reason to Hang on to Your Landline?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 03.02.12
Is There Reason to Hang on to Your Landline?
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As cell phones have now become a way of life, many of us are canceling our landline service in an effort to save money. A recent Bankrate report discusses how popular it has become for us to opt out of landline service and rely solely on cell phones.

A National Center for Health Statistics study recently reported that more than 26 percent of Americans go without a landline telephone in their homes and instead use cell service only.

As we all tighten our belts and whittle our monthly budgets down to what’s necessary, the question of whether we should continue paying for a landline service often comes up.

A lot of us are paying for landline service as part of a TV, internet, phone package and think we are saving money this way. But you may not actually be saving as much as you think. Tech analyst Jeff Kagan estimates that we could save anywhere from $180 to $480 a year just by getting rid of the extra cost of a landline.

But even with the savings, some feel that hanging on to a landline service is a safer way to go in case of an emergency or disaster and cell phone towers are not working.

What do you think? Do you still have a landline in your home?

Would you ever consider canceling your landline service and relying solely on cell service as a way to save money?

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  • gladtobehere By gladtobehere

    It would be convenient to only have one phone and one phone number, but... The landline is so ingrained to get rid of it would be alien.

  • NanaMusic By NanaMusic

    I would not want to have to be without my home phone. I use my cell when I am out but have trouble remembering when it needs charged. In addition I like having a full-sized phone ... as cell phones get smaller I like them less. But many of my family have gone to cell only and I can understand why completely.

  • nursejulz By nursejulz

    I personally don't believe that landlines are necessarily needed. However, some people do not like cell phones.

  • hkeathley By hkeathley

    With the number of dropped calls that still exist with cell phone service, we still have a landline, yet have looked for the most competitive price for service. In addition, the landline has been more reliable during loss of power or storms than a cell phone. It still remains another viable alternative for communication.

  • Gambitpjr By Gambitpjr

    My husband is a supervisor for a 911 center. he tells me all the time that cells dont always give accurate address info. so we have kept our landlines for that main purpose

  • localceleb By localceleb

    I got rid of mine years ago. Initially the cable company said we needed the land line to connect, eventually we found out we didn't need it afterall. Anyone that needs to get a hold of me, my husband or the kids calls our cells. I was paying $60 a month for telemarketers to pester the heck out of us.

  • janacobb By janacobb

    We have not had a landline for the last 4 years and it has never been a problem.!!!

  • noelrocs By noelrocs

    I wish I still had mine. We got rid of ours a few years ago... We're in our 20s and didn't even have a land-line phone until I started working from home and then I got it turned off after I left the call center job. I like having a home phone where we can all share it and it will work when the power goes out (corded) and can't die (corded). I'd like to have it back, but the prices are just ridiculous... we just use our cell phones.

  • QueenOfPlastic By QueenOfPlastic

    Security purposes is our #1 reason. Our home security system uses the lineline to contact our monitoring company if there is a security breach, smoke, or fire. We have pets at home and knowing the home is monitored 24/7 gives us great comfort. Our second reason is that I do not have a cell phone with service. Everyone gasps at this one, but really, beyond calling 911 in an emergency, what other emergencies are there?

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    Higher quality sound, more reliable. And it works in a storm or power outage.

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