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Lifetime The Golden Girls

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e.l.f. Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner

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How to Turn Your Driveway Into Instant Profit

on Mar 15, 2012: i think its a great idea and a great way to make extra money!!

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Is There Reason to Hang on to Your Landline?

on Mar 15, 2012: I have a land line in case of an emergency or disaster. Internet phones wont work and some towers will be down. I need something reliable so I keep a land line phone and a corded phone incase the power is out.

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Does Makeup Matter Too Much?

on Mar 15, 2012: I think we need to realize that we are beautiful. we are always comparing ourselves to other women and how they look. It makes us feel the need to wear make-up to even compare to her. I tend to wear lip gloss and eye make-up about 5 days a week. i would love to get out of this habit.