Lean Cuisine's #ItAll Campaign Controversy. Tell Us What You Think to Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 05.30.18
Lean Cuisine's #ItAll Campaign Controversy. Tell Us What You Think to Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

The frozen food company, Lean Cuisine, recently conducted an experiment to see how women make life decisions. The "#ItAll" campaign found that women make different choices when they are alone versus with supportive friends.

Though Lean Cuisine tried to show that they are supportive of women, the campaign, along with the video they released about it, has caused some serious backlash on social media.

What do you think? Watch the video, read some of the reactions, and then tell us your opinion below. One commenter will be chosen to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

As TODAY reports, many of the negative comments center on the fact that #ItAll is coming from what most view as a diet company:

Others are upset that only women were include in this experiment:

However, not everyone is unhappy. Supporters of the campaign appreciate that Lean Cuisine is opening a dialogue about the pressures women face to have #ItAll:

What do you think about the Lean Cuisine #ItAll experiment?

Do you like it? Or do you think it's misguided? Should men have been included? Tell us below! One commenter will be chosen to win a $25 Amazon gift card.


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Update: Thanks to all who commented. Congrats to the winner, SheSpeaks member Servangirl!

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  • Tammylh79 By Tammylh79

    I don't understand why Lean Cuisine wants to stand behind this it just doesn't fit with their brand however I do think it sounds good

  • mrscole131 By mrscole131

    I think it's a bit misguided. "The idea of having #itall" is an extreme way to live--equitable with trying to be "perfect"!

  • Marisela By Marisela

    i found it really interesting but i don't understand what it has to do with lean cuisine. it would have been nice for men to have been included

  • bonita7878 By bonita7878

    I loved how this was about visual representation to delve into other matters. It touched my heart watching how each of them explained what they saw in their friends; it was very empowering! I do feel that this could encompass more demographics though.

  • Peachesncream887 By Peachesncream887

    I like it overall but do think men should have been included.

  • millit By millit

    Men should have been included. All the pressure should not be on women.

  • drimeth By drimeth

    I can see both sides of the argument! I think the experiment is great!

  • Onyisam By Onyisam

    Of course, I don?t see why men should not be included.

  • beetea By beetea

    It is okay. No real mention of Lean Cuisine, so that was good with me. Very interesting ideas.

  • Tharvey04 By Tharvey04

    I think it could work and lean cuisine is for everyone.

  • tcarolinep By tcarolinep

    I think it's misguided and of course men should have been included.

  • Montana3000 By Montana3000

    Women are under way too much pressure to do everything that society thinks that a woman should be responsible for and more.

  • guavagirl By guavagirl

    I think this campaign is PERFECT. It shows how women relate to and empower each other. that men were excluded was not the point at all. They can do a second video with men and see how the reactions differ.

  • sassercc By sassercc

    This is my first time hearing about the campaign. I like the experiment and that it was women only especially since it's rare that you hear men talk about struggling with having #ItAll

  • Servangirl By Servangirl

    I think having #ItAll is something that everyone can relate to, but I appreciate the female focus of the advertising!

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