Lean Cuisine's #ItAll Campaign Controversy. Tell Us What You Think to Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 05.30.18
Lean Cuisine's #ItAll Campaign Controversy. Tell Us What You Think to Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

The frozen food company, Lean Cuisine, recently conducted an experiment to see how women make life decisions. The "#ItAll" campaign found that women make different choices when they are alone versus with supportive friends.

Though Lean Cuisine tried to show that they are supportive of women, the campaign, along with the video they released about it, has caused some serious backlash on social media.

What do you think? Watch the video, read some of the reactions, and then tell us your opinion below. One commenter will be chosen to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

As TODAY reports, many of the negative comments center on the fact that #ItAll is coming from what most view as a diet company:

Others are upset that only women were include in this experiment:

However, not everyone is unhappy. Supporters of the campaign appreciate that Lean Cuisine is opening a dialogue about the pressures women face to have #ItAll:

What do you think about the Lean Cuisine #ItAll experiment?

Do you like it? Or do you think it's misguided? Should men have been included? Tell us below! One commenter will be chosen to win a $25 Amazon gift card.


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  • go2kauai By go2kauai

    Agreed, both men and women face these issues everyday. Men should also be included in #itall

  • Callie1981 By Callie1981

    i don't think men should have been included b/c I wouldn't think many men are customers for the product

  • catnip1222 By catnip1222

    what in the world does any of that video have to do with microwave dinners?

  • ecollins86 By ecollins86

    I agree that everyone should be included.

  • buzymum By buzymum

    It would be interesting to have compared the test results between women and men. It would also be nice to understand why Lean Cuisine conducted the experiment.

  • skasbaum By skasbaum

    little misguided, should have included men, good to have both sides of opinions.

  • musicrow By musicrow

    Lean Cuisine is a private company. If we don't like its policies, products and/or ad campaigns, no one is forcing us to be its customers.

  • medgirl2001 By medgirl2001

    I like it. Women, especially mothers, face different pressures from society!

  • kellyr78 By kellyr78

    I think these topics are important and if men want to feel represented, then they should be. Maybe poll the men to see what they want.

  • witchmom05 By witchmom05

    its good to have honest conversations and think at least there trying to have conversations.

  • fairydancer35 By fairydancer35

    Its a great message, but I guess men should have been included.

  • MollyJG By MollyJG

    It's very misguided seeing that they have commercials and products geared toward helping women lose weight

  • browneyes78 By browneyes78

    I thought it was interesting. Sure, try one with men, it should be equally interesting.... I don't know why there would be 'backlash on this video. I think people are becoming too sensitive. It just shows that women are somewhat more honest about what they want. I'm not sure why a frozen food co sponsored this, but it's not a big deal.

  • KouponKat By KouponKat

    I feel like it's always a good idea to include everyone.

  • rubydreamer By rubydreamer

    Yes, everyone should be included!

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