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Tell Us About Your Craziest #WeddingMishap! Plus, Enter Our @SheSpeaksUp Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Tell Us About Your Craziest #WeddingMishap! Plus, Enter Our @SheSpeaksUp Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Brides all want their wedding day to be perfect, but sadly, that is not always how it turns out. From rainy weather to falls down the aisle to an embarrassing guest, we have all seen something at a wedding that we wish didn’t happen. We just hope that everyone can laugh about it later!

What surprise happened at a wedding you attended… or at your own? Briefly tell us in the comments section below - we will randomly select three winners who will each get a $25 Amazon gift card!

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Update: Thanks to all for entering! The winners are SheSpeaks members MusicLady1022, Duhduhdestany, and sammosam. Congrats to them!

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  • BBabushka By BBabushka

    Babushka was locked out of her own wedding. Couldn't open the doors of the church. Looking back, should have taken that as a sign...

  • davisjodie By davisjodie

    Lights going out at a wedding!

  • ashleyes By ashleyes

    At our wedding we went to get our rings and the groomsmen had switched them for Fruit Loops. Everyone got a good laugh!

  • ghpc70 By ghpc70

    IT was a surprising 70+ degree day in the middle of November. My husband got into an argument with the limo driver too.

  • agaphmou By agaphmou

    A very close friend of mine got married about a year ago.Everything was great at the ceremony.When we arrived at the venue however, the food was TERRIBLE! A few vegetables, cheese, the wedding cake and coffee were very good though.I would never tell her this.It was her special day.

  • carrotrunr By carrotrunr

    A fight broke out at the end of the reception between 2 (invited) guys who were both interested in one of my bridesmaids. I only learned of it after the police were called. It made me sad at the time, but now I think it's amusing...and memorable.

  • molivos By molivos

    I lived in southern California and decided to be independent and take the Amtrak train to San Francisco rather than try to arrange a car ride with other cousins and relatives. The wedding was beautiful, and I saw my cousins from Portland, OR, and Vancouver, BC. The carload of my relatives from southern California arrived late, after the ceremony. I told my mother afterwards, "I am so glad I arranged my own transportation."

  • aneube By aneube

    The best man gave a way too detailed and inappropriate toast about the bride- ew!!

  • pookiepura By pookiepura

    My wedding went fine other than the fact that it was about 105 degrees that day. I mean, who picks the hottest day of the year to get married?

  • ILvTink By ILvTink

    We were married at an Embassy Suites. The ceremony was to take place in the atrium under the gazebo. If you've ever been in an Embassy Suites you know that you can see down to the atrium from all floors. Unbeknownst to me right before I was to leave my room to get in the elevator to get in place to walk down the hotel the child of a hotel desk got their head stuck between an upper floor railing while looking down into the atrium to see what was going on. The kid was screaming and crying. After the ceremony my guests all came over to me telling me my ceremony was almost ruined because hotel staff couldn't get the kid's head out from between the railing and they thought paramedics would have to be called. Luckily they got his head out right before I came down in the elevator to walk down the aisle.

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