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Tell Us About Your Craziest #WeddingMishap! Plus, Enter Our @SheSpeaksUp Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Tell Us About Your Craziest #WeddingMishap! Plus, Enter Our @SheSpeaksUp Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Brides all want their wedding day to be perfect, but sadly, that is not always how it turns out. From rainy weather to falls down the aisle to an embarrassing guest, we have all seen something at a wedding that we wish didn’t happen. We just hope that everyone can laugh about it later!

What surprise happened at a wedding you attended… or at your own? Briefly tell us in the comments section below - we will randomly select three winners who will each get a $25 Amazon gift card!

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  • wizardewu By wizardewu

    My niece sprained her ankle coming down the stairs the morning of her wedding. She wasn't able to wear the high heels that she had picked out for the day. She had to wear flats, but no one noticed until she told us afterwards.

  • Ladygem616 By Ladygem616

    I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding and we had to take the elevator upstairs in the church. So the bride and 3 of the bridesmaids started up the elevator. Just then the power went out and the elevator got stuck. Firemen showed up and tried to get all the girls out. It was more than an hour and a half before everyone was out and by that time guests had already started arriving. Even though the wedding started late and guests were uncomfortably warm, it was a beautiful day and something we will never forget.

  • donnalee2001 By donnalee2001

    We were having our wedding in the back yard. It had rained quite a bit the night before, so we put plywood down over the wet grass. The music played, and I was proceeding to walk to the beautiful flower arch for the ceremony, when my high heel got caught between the plywood boards. Down I went :-( Embarrassed and a bit shaken, I got up and declared, "Guess those dance lessons were a waste of money!"

  • lilang By lilang

    The ring bearer announced in the middle of the ceremony that he had to poop.

  • kimcres By kimcres

    My ring-bearer nephew (three then) threatened to jump off the platform and followed through with a dive and little blood stain on his white tux. Ah, children.


    During our wedding my 10 year old grandson and his friend took off and got stuck in the elevator we had to stop the wedding and the fire department had to come to get them out of the elevator, after all the commotion we then proceeded with the wedding.

  • Archie By Archie

    As I was coming into the church, my dress got shut in the door. I had to back out of the church. Everyone was wondering what was going on.

  • Angie83 By Angie83

    We bought a piñata for the kids to use. I was outside during the reception taking pictures and came into my cousin running up to me telling me all the candy was covered in poop and he tried to give me a handful. A toddler had a dirty diaper and sat in the middle of the candy and got poop all over. I have a picture of my father in law cleaning it up with little kids all around him!

  • GracieGodsey68 By GracieGodsey68

    I was 45 before I got my first "real wedding " so naturally I wanted everything to be perfect. The lady hired to do my cake assured me she had done cake for over 25 years. I bought the topper. And she had us taste some cakes "she" made. We were pleased so we thought. I was down in the reception area waiting to walk down the isle as she came in with an unfrosted cake in pieces. When we got to our cake it looked like the leaning Eiffel Tower. It was horrible. Then when it come time for us to cut the cake we actually cut wax paper. It was put together with wax paper, toothpicks and I won't mention the word for the taste. The only thing good was the topper. Our first anniversary came around and we decided just to keep our top in the fact it's still there!

  • kcat55 By kcat55

    The priest kept pronouncing my name wrong!

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