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Women Face The Facts About Facebook

SS Member Image By drodriguez 07.10.10
Women Face The Facts About Facebook
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If you find yourself updating your Facebook status and checking to see what your Facebook friends are up to at all hours of the day and night you are not alone.  A new survey conducted by Lightspeed Research for Oxygen Media shows that women between the ages of 18 and 34 are some of the biggest Facebook addicts around.  

A recent article from AFP discusses the results of the latest survey and how some of the findings may surprise you..  According to the survey, 34 percent of women in this age group who use FB say they check the website first thing in the morning when they wake up before brushing their teeth or washing their face.  Twenty percent of female Facebook users admit to sneaking a peak at the site in the middle of the night.

Since the advent of social networking sites some have questioned how they affect the way we connect with people on a daily basis and question whether we are doing too much of our socializing in a “virtual” world.  This survey reports that a whopping 57 percent of women ages 18 to 34 talk to people online more than they do face to face and 31 percent say they are more confident about their “online persona” than their real life one.

There are a few interesting and possibly contradictory findings in the survey as well.  While 63 percent of the women say they use FB as a career networking tool, 42 percent say they have no problem posting photos of themselves visibly intoxicated.

Women and men differ in the way they use FB since men use it as a dating tool far more often than women.  The survey reports that 20 percent of men use the site as a way to “hook up” while only 6 percent of women felt this way.  Twenty-four percent of men admit to using Facebook to break-up with someone while only 9 percent of women have done this.  

What do you think of the latest survey about women who use Facebook?

Are you guilty of any of the Facebook behaviours mentioned above?

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  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    I am not on facebook for the reasons cited above. I like to socialize in person or over the phone, not virtually. I know so many people that waste hours in their day, just on Facebook! I think it (facebook) is useful for finding old friends and classmates.

  • joy9281 By joy9281

    Not me at all. I do use facebook but not like this.

  • Stephbff By Stephbff

    I do not have a facebook or a myspace account. They do not appeal to me.

  • maineyizchill By maineyizchill

    iam addicted to it if i get on the computer i feel like i have to check it and lots of guys do try to hook up wit me on it esspacially guys from my past. i dnt have my real name on there so i kind of feel safe cuz i hear of alot of ppl losin ther jobs over sumthin they hve posted

  • carmar By carmar

    My facebook page is merely a way to keep up with my family and my friends that have moved away. It's been a great way for us to stay connected. Haven't used it to play any applications or games, become friends with people I don't know etc. I think that, if you're smart about how you use the network given to you, it's a great network. I wouldn't use myspace only because it doesn't have the privacy settings that facebook does.

  • lil_angle03 By lil_angle03

    I love facebook! I do not obsess over it though. I have the app on my iphone so I do check it many times in a day just to keep in touch with friends who do not live close.

  • mmiles By mmiles

    I have a FB account and I check it multiple times a day. I don't check it first thing when I wake up but it is part of my routine. I also play the games offered on the site. I have many friends that prefer to communicate via FB and I see no problem with that.

  • sgccgrammie By sgccgrammie

    I do check my FB everyday. I have had surgery recently and I spend my days on the computer since I can not go outside. I like to see what all my schoool friends are doing, and how they are doing. I can also depend on all my friends to pray for me when I am having a bad day!! This is a whole lot quicker than having to call all my friends!

  • quietgirl By quietgirl

    I have thought of joining FB but I don't have the time needed to keep up with it. I don't think I will be checking it first thingin the morning though if I did have an account.

  • Itty_Bitty By Itty_Bitty

    I check my facebook several times a day. I don't necessarly use it for socializing, I play the games and when the need arises I post my opinion on recent experiences, (good or bad) and to share my likes and dislikes.

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