Women Face The Facts About Facebook

   By drodriguez  Jul 10, 2010

If you find yourself updating your Facebook status and checking to see what your Facebook friends are up to at all hours of the day and night you are not alone.  A new survey conducted by Lightspeed Research for Oxygen Media shows that women between the ages of 18 and 34 are some of the biggest Facebook addicts around.  

A recent article from AFP discusses the results of the latest survey and how some of the findings may surprise you..  According to the survey, 34 percent of women in this age group who use FB say they check the website first thing in the morning when they wake up before brushing their teeth or washing their face.  Twenty percent of female Facebook users admit to sneaking a peak at the site in the middle of the night.

Since the advent of social networking sites some have questioned how they affect the way we connect with people on a daily basis and question whether we are doing too much of our socializing in a “virtual” world.  This survey reports that a whopping 57 percent of women ages 18 to 34 talk to people online more than they do face to face and 31 percent say they are more confident about their “online persona” than their real life one.

There are a few interesting and possibly contradictory findings in the survey as well.  While 63 percent of the women say they use FB as a career networking tool, 42 percent say they have no problem posting photos of themselves visibly intoxicated.

Women and men differ in the way they use FB since men use it as a dating tool far more often than women.  The survey reports that 20 percent of men use the site as a way to “hook up” while only 6 percent of women felt this way.  Twenty-four percent of men admit to using Facebook to break-up with someone while only 9 percent of women have done this.  

What do you think of the latest survey about women who use Facebook?

Are you guilty of any of the Facebook behaviours mentioned above?

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Dianna1962 by Dianna1962 | White Oak, WV
Jan 03, 2011

I love my Facebook; I don't think I'm obsessed but I would like to peek at it everyday but there are somedays I don't get a chance; I do like to say what's on my mind for the day I feel like my status and reading other peeps status makes me feel more connected to their day to day life since I don't have the time to do that all the time or they live too far away at least I have an idea whats going on in their lives day to day; it Rules! LOL

mommasuesue by mommasuesue | Cedar Rapids, IA
Nov 15, 2010

I love Facebook I have met several new frinds and keep up with family and friends from a far ! And of course I like playing the games and belonging to groups that i'm interested in and meeting new friends that way too !!!

traceyk by traceyk | Decatur, IN
Oct 26, 2010

I do not have Facebook or My Space and do not ever plan on getting them. I can see where younger people think this is great but they will miss out on "communicating" with people in person.

widade2391 by widade2391 | Staten island, NY
Sep 07, 2010

Facebook is very addicting it nice to keep in touch with friends and family members but when you become addicted to it then it becomes a problem.I deactivated mine :(

SuziKono by SuziKono | La Puente, CA
Aug 02, 2010

I love Facebook and I am pleased and amazed I have been able to find so many special people I have had in my life and I am blessed being able to interact with friends from my past,my family and friends from my present. I love it!!!

jdd2005msugrad by jdd2005msugrad | Vardaman, MS
Aug 01, 2010

I do have Facebook, but I am not a fannatic. I get on there to see pictures that my family posts, and I may post a few, I have even been know to throw on there a few Bible verses and comments. I have recently been accused of being non-social because I don't get on there, and I have read actual family arguments coming from my family on there. i feel that I can call people and talk to them rather than the whole world see that I am talking about Aunt Sue. Those I do not have any other contact with other than facebook, well I just drop a line on their wall every now and then to let them know how I am and any major developments if any.

jhmommy by jhmommy | Mena, AR
Jul 31, 2010

I am one of those that check my FB first thing in the morning...it's like my morning coffee. I have to have it before I can function. I have thought about deleting my account, but I have connected with lots of family, and some friends, that I never would have spoken to again. And being a SAHM, it sometimes feel like my connection to the outside world! HA

smashcakes by smashcakes | Boise, ID
Jul 30, 2010

I love FB! I have gotten better about not being on there too much, but I do love it1

AlisonR by AlisonR | SOUDERTON, PA
Jul 28, 2010

I've been trying to not use FB as often as I did in the past. For a while, I was doing exactly what was stated above. When the baby arrived, I'd get her bottle ready and once she was settled, I'd have to check FB. I even snuck into our home office to check it on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I do still check it, but not as often and I don't linger on the site as long as I used to. I'd rather focus my time on my daughter, my husband and my blog.

ascoutingmom by ascoutingmom | Kernersville, NC
Jul 26, 2010

I check my Facebook on a daily basis. I try not to post anything that is too personal. It has been a great tool for connecting with distant relatives and close family members and old and new friends.

craftbrown1 by craftbrown1 | Friendswood, TX
Jul 26, 2010

I got a facebook account to connect with one of my children who was away at college and he was really into facebook. Now he is home after having an accident so I don't use facebook at all, but child number 2 is leaving for college in August so I will be using the website again to connect with him.

igottayota2 by igottayota2 | talladega, AL
Jul 24, 2010

I do have a Facebook but I dont use it to meet men or hook up . I use it to keep in touch with people I know and family and to play the apps , Yeah I will admit I am one of the ones that take a sneek peek at it late at night but not in the way decribed above ......

GypsyPink by GypsyPink | Franklin, LA
Jul 24, 2010

I have 6 sisters and 10+ nieces. It's our way of keeping in touch with each other. We are all so busy as business owners, working moms, college students, etc. it seems this is the only way for us to find out what is going on in each other's lives. It's so much easier than placing multiple phone calls. Plus, when we get together for our monthly ladies' dinner it gives us topics to start the night. I get on daily to read what family & friends have written. I also update my own status daily.

scatus by scatus | nevada, IA
Jul 23, 2010

I like Facebook, but I am not obsessed with it!! I have friends who seem to live and breath Facebook...so I keep my usage in check!! It is a great way to keep up with friends who are so far away, but other than that I don't spend too much time on it, if I go for a week without checking it, I'm okay with that!!!

Purplemommi by Purplemommi | MECHANICSVLLE, VA
Jul 23, 2010

I have 4 children and live hundreds of miles from all of my family and friends. If I didn't have Facebook, I would be even more depressed! I miss everyone and it's my only way to still feel connected.