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A "Bug" Women Can Love

on Jul 23, 2010: I don't know....I think as a rule most women are more practical than men( PLEASE don't shoot me!!) It kind of goes along with a shopping thread on here. Women are more inclined to look for value in their shopping.. I can see that men might be uncomfortable in a Bug because they are so small. Bu…

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Why We Buy

on Jul 23, 2010: I too think women are not effectively marketed to, and yet we are the biggest purchasers!! In my family, the men simply don't shop...but when they do, they fail to look for the best prices, for coupons, and want to get into and out of the store as fast as possible, many times buying the wrong t…

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Women Face The Facts About Facebook

on Jul 23, 2010: I like Facebook, but I am not obsessed with it!! I have friends who seem to live and breath I keep my usage in check!! It is a great way to keep up with friends who are so far away, but other than that I don't spend too much time on it, if I go for a week without checking it, I'm o…