A "Bug" Women Can Love

   By drodriguez  Jul 03, 2010

Differences between men and women are constantly being researched and analyzed in all sorts of ways, but when you look at some of the latest data regarding car buyers, the gender differences become obvious.  A website called Truecar.com recently conducted a survey and found that women were most likely to purchase a car like a Volkswagen Beetle while men were more likely to go for something like a large gas-guzzling GM truck or the ultra-sporty luxury Bugatti that costs $2 million. 

A recent report from ABC News discusses the findings of the survey.  Interestingly, only 36 percent of new car registrations belong to women though the nation's population is more than 50 percent female.  More than 56 percent of Beetles that are purchased are registered to women. 

True Car's vice president of industry trends, Jesse Toprak, has a theory on why women love the "bug".  Toprak says, "It fits the description of what women love in a car.  It's cheap to maintain and own...It gets good gas mileage.  It's practical to get around in big cities yet it's stylish to drive around in metropolitan areas.  It's kind of a home run from all those different perspectives." 

The stereotype that men would want an impractical macho car or status symbol car seems to hold true with the latest statistics.  Bugattis, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis were registered at much higher rates with men and large trucks were also a favorite with male car buyers, while women tended toward more value in a car like the Kia.  

What do you think of the latest survey showing women prefer more practical cars like the Volkswagen Beetle?

What do you look for in a car? 

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craftbrown1 by craftbrown1 | Friendswood, TX
Jul 26, 2010

I agree with "scatus" I would love to have a sporty car to tool around in but let's face it after raising 3 kids and having them in college I have to be practical and think about getting the most bang for my buck.

scatus by scatus | nevada, IA
Jul 23, 2010

I don't know....I think as a rule most women are more practical than men( PLEASE don't shoot me!!) It kind of goes along with a shopping thread on here. Women are more inclined to look for value in their shopping.. I can see that men might be uncomfortable in a Bug because they are so small. But I too like to drive really fast sporty cars...but my car purchases really are on the practical side, because I want a good car that will last, that won't cost me an arm and a leg to drive. Now when I become rich and famous I will have the latest really fast car!!

danidudack by danidudack | Branford, CT
Jul 15, 2010

I agree about preferance. I think it has also to do with what other people think...for example young girls are excited about their first cars when they get their licence and most want the best . what their friends tell them is what they want like mercades or bentley. A bettle seems more for a person who is middle class and its cute but I dont know how much in demand it would be. In this economy it might do better but I dont think it is on the top of the list like a luxury car. men do feel ridiculous in them because they are so small their friends make fun of them...and smart cars too. I might buy one if it came in hot pink and had a really nice stereo or something like that

sksmix by sksmix | Colonia, NJ
Jul 08, 2010

I can see why women would prefer practical cars but I do think it's a matter of preference and personality. I still drive a luxury car even though I know it's impractical because I love cars. The car is very stable and I feel safe driving at high speeds and simply put, it's a very comfortable drive to and from work. So whether it men or women, at the end of the day, I think it depends on each individual's preference.

MadHatter by MadHatter | Whitestone , NY
Jul 07, 2010

its ok if the men want "macho cars" as long as they know that the fuel money is coming from their pockets. smaller and more practical cars gets you from point A to point B at the same time and is easier on the wallet, that is all i care about. I am trying to talk my brother out of getting a luxurious car for his first car since he just got his licence last week. Our parents have 2 Honda's. i seriously don't know why guys see owning a nice car an ego boost.

sireeshasri by sireeshasri | arizona city, HI
Jun 29, 2010

Good one