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Your Wait Time Is Currently Zero Minutes

on Jul 29, 2010: With so many business opting for automated answering it seems as though the wait time and unlimited computer prompted questions are endless. I've found that when phoning businesses that have the automated answering systems that ask multiple questions before connecting you with customer service re…

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The Cougar Consumer

on Jul 24, 2010: I am 43 and I've worn sexy bras and panties since my 20s. I believe being sexy is a 'personal feeling" rather than an outward appearance. Beauty comes in all sizes and all ages.

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Can You Be Makeup Free?

on Jul 24, 2010: Ever since I married 4 years ago and started my own at-home business, I've stopped wearing tons of makeup. I've always used moisturizers so my routine now is simply, moisturizer, mascara & lip gloss. I love the sunkissed glow of my face and actually feel better about myself. I agree with clinto…