The Cougar Consumer

   By drodriguez  May 05, 2010

Could 40 be the new 20?  According to lingerie retailers, more and more women in their 40’s and 50’s are choosing lacy and racy rather than the steadfast comfortable cotton these days.  Popular television shows like Sex in the City and Cougar Town are said to be the reason women in this age group have been driving lingerie sales up. 

With 40-something role models like Courtney Cox from Cougar Town and characters from Sex in the City wearing satin and lace, women are thinking of themselves as sexier.  Annette Warburton, lingerie buyer for a British chain of stores, discusses why these actors are good role models for women.  Warburton tells the Daily Mail that women of this age group are realizing just because they are married and have children it does not mean they should forget about their love life.  She goes on to say that role models from shows like Cougar Town are giving women the confidence they need to see themselves in a different light.
In the past, the majority of lingerie consumers were women in their 20’s but now that women in their 40’s have stepped up retailers are scrambling to cater to the new age group.  And since women in their 40’s usually have a bigger budget to spend on lingerie than women in their 20’s, retailers know how important it is to take notice.  Marks & Spencer, a popular UK chain, recently launched a popular lingerie line targeted to this age group and have found that the most popular pieces are the raciest. 

What do you think of the new trend of women in their 40’s buying lingerie?

Do you think shows like Cougar Town and Sex in the City have something to do with the new trend?

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GypsyPink by GypsyPink | Franklin, LA
Jul 24, 2010

I am 43 and I've worn sexy bras and panties since my 20s. I believe being sexy is a 'personal feeling" rather than an outward appearance. Beauty comes in all sizes and all ages.

Kristi by Kristi | WASHINGTON, WV
Jun 01, 2010

When I have on sexy lingerie, it boosts my confidence.

april28 by april28 | Birmingham, AL
May 31, 2010

I'm not 40 or 50 yet but just give me a little while. I think this is incredibly liberating and wonderful. Let's face it, there's probably more of this population with disposable income and what a great way to spend it. Make yourself feel good, sexy. Anytime you can boost your confidence and treat yourself, go for it!

julecoc by julecoc | Ada, OK
May 24, 2010

40... 20... what's the difference? I think it's great women of all ages are embracing their bodies. Sexiness is for everyone!

vdcohen123 by vdcohen123 | Powell, OH
May 21, 2010

You're as sexy as you feel no matter what your age. Be wild, crazy and beautiful for life is too short.

jammielynn by jammielynn | JACKSONVILLE, FL
May 19, 2010

I think it's because people take better care of them selves these days.

mustangshelly by mustangshelly | casey, IA
May 19, 2010

From my smallest friend to my largest friend, we all have found our hidden diva at our local boutique. I have unleashed the power of the diva's in our small community by convincing all these women to feel sexy about themselves and their husbands will notice a difference. They did! Now we all go shopping once every 3 months for something new to wear for our men, and for ourselves!

mommy2all by mommy2all | Longwood, FL
May 19, 2010

If it makes you feel good about yourself...go for it! We are always seen as mom or even grandmother. It feels nice to to put on something to sexy to remind us that we are still a "hot momma"!

mommaduck by mommaduck | SAINT CHARLES, MO
May 19, 2010

I think this is great. you should be able to fill comfortable in whatever you wear. I of course feel that the two shows impower when and can boost their confidence

cybrown551 by cybrown551 | HOOKSETT, NH
May 18, 2010

I do believe that these shows may have a lot to do with the new trend. However, I think that is great because women in their 40s and 50s and 60s and 70s want to look good too. I am 49 but I don't have to look like it's. I like to look as good as I can even though I have been married for 27 years.

ImMissi by ImMissi | Dayton, OH
May 12, 2010

It does not matter regarding your age, race, creed, color or SIZE.........Wear what you want in your and yours privacy, it's no one's business, they don't have to look or participate!

jenndta69 by jenndta69 | SHERMAN OAKS, CA
May 10, 2010

As long as you still look good, who cares about your age. Besides, when you look good, you feel good.

kathy3667 by kathy3667 | Willoughby, OH
May 07, 2010

Women is their midle ages (and older) want to feel and look sexy, and why not. As the old saying goes, "you are as young as you feel." There is nothing wrong with it, as long as you are comfortable with it. Over 40 and 50+ is beautiful, sexy, and young!

myangels0103 by myangels0103 | LEBANON, IL
May 06, 2010

Of course I would buy lingere at that age, I mean seriously 40's and 50's thats not OLD!!! But hell I have a hard time finding lingere that fits my large chest, with bottoms small enough to fit my bottom!

MadHatter by MadHatter | Whitestone , NY
May 06, 2010

how they feel is what they can and will wear. who has the rights to say that women in their 40's or 50's should stick with granny panties that reach up to the belly button? no one. if they got the stuff then strut it. the only people who sees what is under all those clothes are thier significant other and themselves. confidence is the key as well as using their own judgement if too much is too much.