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Our Hair, Our Therapy

Our Hair, Our Therapy

Can you find the answers to all of life’s little problems inside a bottle of hair color?  Probably not, but a recent survey finds that women change their hairstyles frequently over a lifetime and often times as a way to relieve boredom or get over a bad break-up.  

The survey of 3,000 women, conducted by award-winning British hairdresser Andrew Collinge, was discussed in a recent report from FOX News.  Collinge found that the average woman between the ages of 13 and 65 changes her hairstyle at least twice a year which adds up to over 100 times over a lifespan.  

About a third of the women surveyed admitted that they change their hair after a breakup and half the women said they change their hair when they are bored.  Almost 40 percent of women change their hair as a way to gain confidence.  Collinge says, “With our modern, everyday stresses and hectic lifestyles, often a restyle or a new color is an effective way to boost a woman’s confidence.”

Collinge reports that the most popular cut he gives remains the “Rachel” layered cut that was made popular Jennifer Aniston from the television show “Friends”.  He also says that rather than making dramatic changes, women usually change their hair subtly and often.  

When it comes to color, women usually experiment with an average of 3 different shades over a lifetime while 1 in 4 women will use up to 5 colors.  More than half the women surveyed prefer to color their hair a dark brown tint.  

What do you think of the recent survey revealing women change their hairstyle more than 100 times over a lifetime and often to gain confidence?

What are the reasons that you change your do?

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  • mzberry By mzberry

    I change hairstyles very often, daily if possible. I have gone from all natural, with a "press and curl" to get variety. To a permanant straightener to calm the kinky tresses. I never use perm color but do use hennas, sheers, etc. Currently at the age of 50 I opt for natural dredlocks. And I love my hair again. I feel confident about who I am and am able to showcase my personality with my hairstyles.

  • Nikole12303 By Nikole12303

    I am one to change my hair styles often. I change my hair color according to season I go lighter in the summer and darker in the winter. I also change my hairstyle to straight to curly often. I get bored with my hair easily.

  • atruwalk By atruwalk

    I get bored very often with my hair. I went from relaxer to natural in a day. I also do my hair myself. So when I got tired of my hair I just cut it all off myself.

  • ashdash02 By ashdash02

    I love love love changing my hair! I get so bored with my hair so I change the color and constantly color it, I have had all shades except extreme brights! I love getting the compliments on my hair because I always get my hair stylist more customers! I just go in and say lets do whatever you think and it is always greatttttt!

  • christy_y_jose By christy_y_jose

    Why shouldn't a woman be able to love there selves whether it be change of lip stick to change of hair color? I believe if a $7 box of hair dye can boost your confidence and help give u a fresh start why not do it why not make yourself happy.

  • paribiotic By paribiotic

    i have never colored my hair but i do like to get a new cut whenevr something serious goes wrong and my mood goes sour. it makes me feel better and that since i've changed something about myself, then good karma should come around to make the rest of my day or week--better! if my hair looks good, i feel if people want to color their hair to make themselves happier, go ahead! 100 times over a lifetime is not that bad. i know people who color more than 2x a year.

  • sindhupratap By sindhupratap

    I just do it cos i love change....and it makes us feel so gud abt ourselves..with all the compliments and attention.... :)

  • Juliolindo By Juliolindo

    I changed my hair due to boredom. I love coloring at home or getting it done. I've been all 5 colors already and for the past 4 yrs i've stayed as a brunette to keep my hair in a healthier state. But I've cut it, layered it, highlighted, bangs, darkened it etc..

  • jgibbs05 By jgibbs05

    I change my hair when im bored. I've colored my hair 4 different shades. And just recently I cut all of the relaxes out of my hair and I LOVE my curly hair. Who knows what I'll do over the next 6 months.

  • sweetfreestuff By sweetfreestuff

    I am about to change my hair color and cut it short. I want a fun short cut, with not too much fuss. I think that this study is interesting. Changing your hair 100 times seems like a lot, but I guess we do have great products these days. After-all, it is just hair and you can always change it again if you aren't satisfied.

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