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Our Hair, Our Therapy

SS Member Image By drodriguez 07.14.10
Our Hair, Our Therapy
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Can you find the answers to all of life’s little problems inside a bottle of hair color?  Probably not, but a recent survey finds that women change their hairstyles frequently over a lifetime and often times as a way to relieve boredom or get over a bad break-up.  

The survey of 3,000 women, conducted by award-winning British hairdresser Andrew Collinge, was discussed in a recent report from FOX News.  Collinge found that the average woman between the ages of 13 and 65 changes her hairstyle at least twice a year which adds up to over 100 times over a lifespan.  

About a third of the women surveyed admitted that they change their hair after a breakup and half the women said they change their hair when they are bored.  Almost 40 percent of women change their hair as a way to gain confidence.  Collinge says, “With our modern, everyday stresses and hectic lifestyles, often a restyle or a new color is an effective way to boost a woman’s confidence.”

Collinge reports that the most popular cut he gives remains the “Rachel” layered cut that was made popular Jennifer Aniston from the television show “Friends”.  He also says that rather than making dramatic changes, women usually change their hair subtly and often.  

When it comes to color, women usually experiment with an average of 3 different shades over a lifetime while 1 in 4 women will use up to 5 colors.  More than half the women surveyed prefer to color their hair a dark brown tint.  

What do you think of the recent survey revealing women change their hairstyle more than 100 times over a lifetime and often to gain confidence?

What are the reasons that you change your do?

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  • tclaycomb By tclaycomb

    I have been a stylist for 14 years, and I have seen people change their hair for all kinds of reasons...break-ups, new babies, stress, etc. I have to be honest. I've changed my own hair for some of these reasons too! Your stylist should work with you and ask lots of questions to keep you from doing something you'll regret tomorrow. For you ladies doing it at home, just don't go so overboard that it is not fixable!

  • Ellayem By Ellayem

    I started coloring my hair when I was a young teen. I changed my color regularly for the next twenty years. I've been back to my natural color for over five years (no highlights, etc) and love it best. It's nice to be maintenance free! I do use color for the shine and the feel, I just use a semi-permanent that matches my natural shade perfectly. As for style, I'm forever going between having a bob for a few years, then growing it out and having long hair for a while. I'm afraid to go shorter than chin length because the two times I did it looked awful. I'm currently growing out my bob, which I love, but I'm just tired of it.

  • ksikora91118 By ksikora91118

    I have changed my hair color so many times I don't know what my naturel color is. My partner loves that my color is constantly revovling because of the variety. At this point I am seriously considering just investing in wigs so I stop causing so much damage to my hair.


    Plus, i like how great your hair feels after you dye it. So can I get a oh yeah! On that one.


    I change my hair color, about every three months. A couple reason is they have so many nice colors on the market. That I like you can have all different shades of brown , reds, By the once you dye your hair black it stays for a very long time. The ones with the blue tint. I did my hair and my two daughters hair. And black is still in. By

  • Aspiringauthor09 By Aspiringauthor09

    I just got my hair done different today and it was mainly because I twirl my hair when bored and after a while I guess I wanted to stop twirling the same looking stuff. Sounds weird, but the more attention I pay to my hair, the more I want to switch it up. I would probably even die it or streak it if my mom would let me! I just like looking different and changing things up at school or whereever people know me by having them compliment my hair. Whio doesn't like to be told they have beautiful hair?! It makes me feel really good!

  • danidudack By danidudack

    I change my hair every 3months,,,I like red but it fades really quickly and I hate color in a box. I always use paul mitchell color because it is so conditioning it allows me to switch things up a lot with out all the breakage that box color gives you. I do get bored easily but who doesn"t love all those positive comments when you walk thru the doors of your job I know I do.

  • branflake19141 By branflake19141

    Changing your look is fun and one of the fastest ways to do that is a new hairstyle. I like to play with different styles and see the reaction i get from others esp my husband. Also most times the way my hair looks will dictate what I wear so the possibilities are endless!

  • Beatrice8674 By Beatrice8674

    I am 35 yrs old with "virgin" hair...n no grays yet. but when they begin to appear I will definately start dying it too!

  • funmamacita By funmamacita

    I just changed my hair color for the first time because I needed a new look i have really dark hair and i just wanted something lighter.

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