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Paula Deen "In Bad Taste"?

Paula Deen

For a Food Network chef as well-known for her Southern twang as she is for her love of mayonnaise and butter-laden dishes, Paula Deen’s recent admission that she’s been suffering from type 2 diabetes for the past 3 years has some questioning why she continues to whip up such high-fat meals. And no one is more vocal about his disdain for her fatty and sugary fare than fellow cook Anthony Bourdain.

Bourdain sat down with Eater to discuss his reaction to Paula Deen’s recent announcement that she’s had diabetes for three years now and has signed on with a pharmaceutical company to endorse a drug she takes to manage her disease.

When asked whether he feels Deen’s plan to endorse the diabetes medication while dishing out dangerously high-fat foods is hypocritical, Bourdain quips, “When your signature dish is hamburger in between a doughnut, and you've been cheerfully selling this stuff knowing all along that you've got Type 2 Diabetes... It's in bad taste if nothing else.”

While discussing her condition on the Today show Paula Deen did defend her cooking by explaining to Al Roker that she has always told viewers that this type of food should not be consumed on a daily basis. Deen explains, “I share with you all these yummy, fattening recipes, but I tell people, in moderation... it's entertainment. People have to be responsible. Like I told Oprah, 'Honey, I'm your cook, not your doctor.' You have to be responsible for yourself.”

What do you think of what Anthony Bourdain has to say about Paula Deen’s cooking style?

Do you think Paula Deen’s plan to endorse diabetes medication and cook high-fat fare sends the wrong message?

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  • kacief By kacief

    I love Paula Deen and her cooking! I agree with her that it is all in moderation and that people need to take responsibility for themselves. No I do not think that it sends the wrong message but I do think people will use her to make excuses for their own weight and health problems.

  • whimseys By whimseys

    Actually, I do think it's hypocritical to continue hawking "bad for you" recipes and hiding her diabetes. She can say moderation all she wants but as a B-list celebrity she influences her audience. Buttery, heavy recipes = Paula Deen and that causes health issues. I would like to see her work with her son who has been making her recipes healthier. It would still be her stuff, only better, and she would probably earn more respect for that than for hawking drugs.

  • Scooby465 By Scooby465

    i love Paula! luv her recipes! but she is right shes my cook not my doctor or trainer! was i taken back that she has known she had type2 & still encouraged her recipes yes but its called privacy & personal life for that reason! she has no obligation to tell me her medical history! just like i have no obligation 2 share with her!

  • dijowalker By dijowalker

    People do need to be responsible in how they take care of themselves, yes she may do fatty dishes on her show but do you need to eat is the same as if your friend jumps off a bridge would you. I believe her to be a downhome personality, with kitchen gadgets and now her home designs, it isnt all about her food. I believe her cooking style will change in the coming months as she plans to endorse the meds.

  • medbilso By medbilso

    I do believe it is a bad choice. 1. We should be wanting to improve our health instead of continually harming our body and depending on medication to take care of us. Anytime you take medication it might fix one issue but causes another. 2. Endorsing a pharmaceutical company just is not right. There are several types of diabetic medications and not all work the same for each person. 3. She is not promoting good health, she is saying eat what you want and when you have a disease such as diabeties you can take medication to continue your unhealthy eating lifestyle. Yes everything in moderation and yes she is your cook and not your doctor, but she has an awesome opportunity to help our generation and those to come by improving her cooking gift by making the meals healthier. Diabetes is a terrible disease that should not be taken lightly. It effects every organ in your body.

  • prnces1414 By prnces1414

    I think its because people can b so negative and critical that its why she's hidden it. Its also perfect timing for her to share her secret since her son has been making healthier alternatives tto her recipes, so people shouldn't be complaining as much. I don't think she should change like she said its for entertainment. When you're having a party what do people usually do?? Look up recipes to cook something xtra tasty that we wouldn't normally make. So why take that from. People that understand her concept jus cuz they can't control themselves??

  • Lusadi By Lusadi

    I think she's fine. You only have to look at her to tell she's not the healthiest person around. I think that by now everyone knows that fat, sugar, etc. aren't good for you. Just like smoking a cigarette isn't good for you...yet people continue to smoke. She's promoting an entertainment show with some fun recipe ideas. She's not claiming to be a dietician, nutritionist, or anything other than an entertainer who can cook. Your health is your responsibility.

  • Deeishere By Deeishere

    I agree with Paula on this one. We have to think for ourselves. She is not our doctor. I love her food but I don't eat that type of foods everyday. Like she stated, it's a show and her main things she does is cook southern food. I do hope that she continues to let others know that this is not how she eats and the moderation is the key. No matter what, people are going to do what they want to do anyway.

  • scoutmomjesi By scoutmomjesi

    people have followers so if they see paula cooking up a fried broccoli in loads of butter with a side of fried cheese potatoes they are going to do the same and eat what they've cooked much like when oprahs following did the same with the texas meat plant just saying you know you have hard core fans and theres a chance that 50% have some sort of diabetes and see hey paula does it then so can I. Then about 1 3rd of those people wont be able to maintain thier diabetes due to the lake of insurance or the same drs care she has

  • mardel By mardel

    I love Paula Deen and feel bad for her having such a terrible disease. Everyone is responsible for their own health but when someone like Paula who is seen as a role model who so many of us look to her for great ways to make our family's dinner not so boring well than she should have been more honest about her health it at least stop promoting using so much butter in her recipes.

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