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Paula Deen "In Bad Taste"?

on Feb 01, 2012: Paula Deen has made her success from her style of cooking. We all love her and watch the show. However every time we watched a show I would say" wow...if I used that much butter (sticks and sticks of it) in my cooking. My family would be developing diabetes or heart challenges." For years alot of…

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The Mane Event: Eight Hair-Care Myths Debunked

on Oct 20, 2010: Great information. What we do to our hair is amazing. I actually have a childhood friend that had her gorgeous hair. Why? The weight of her hair was actually giving her headaches. This JMO, but a good hair vitamin and nail vitamin is worth its weight in gold.

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What's Kate Bosworth Doing Hawking Jewelry?

on Oct 20, 2010: Interesting idea. However for me... I prefer to select jewelry when I have a desire to create a special item.