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Chex Mix Bars Chocolate Chunk

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Sep 21, 2009 : Pretzels, Corn and Wheat Chex Pieces and Chocolate Chunks. 140 Calories, 13g of sugar, 2g of fiber…

Sony Playstation 3

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Sep 21, 2009 : Sony has managed to put together an all in one entertainment system and a price decrease. I nev…

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Paula Deen "In Bad Taste"?

on Jan 24, 2012: Let's see 1. Paula didn't have to disclose her medical history 'cause that's her business 2. Anyone that is going to eat the way Paula eats just because gets what they get - 3. Anthony his taking lipitor (while I love Anthony he has some nerve), drinks, and he used to be a smoker. Other than t…
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RSVP for the #Cravebox 2012 Vitality Twitter Party

on Jan 24, 2012: @jrnevels
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30 Million Bachelors Need A Wife

on Oct 20, 2009: The government tries to control the population. It's the parents that are opting to abort girls not the government forcing them into having an abortion. Women are more likely to miscarry boys which is why in this country women outnumber men. It's not my place to determine what right/wrong in anoth…
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