How School Lunch Leftovers Can Make a Big Impact For Students In Need

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Apr 15, 2019


Boxing up leftovers at a restaurant is a great way to prevent waste and have your buck go that much further. Now, an Indiana school district has taken this idea of wrapping up perfectly good left overs and handing them out to students in need who can use it as a much appreciated extra meal on the weekend..

WSBT reports about the Indiana school that is participating in a pilot program with a nonprofit called Cultivate that takes fresh leftover food the cafeteria might otherwise throw out and hands it out to kids who might not have that extra meal that evening or over the weekend. Cultivate’s Jim Conklin explains how unused or extra food is almost always in play when large catering companies and schools are making meals for such a big group. Conklin says, “Over-preparing is just part of what happens. We take well-prepared food, combine it with other food and make individual frozen meals out if it.”

Those involved in the school food service understand just how much food is going to waste every day and there are always students who can use the extra food at home. Melissa Ramey of Chamber Leadership Academy sees firsthand just how much good the new program is doing. Ramey says, “It makes a big impact. I am proud of that. It was heartbreaking to hear that children go home on the weekends and that they don't have anything to eat.”

What do you think of the program that’s wrapping up left over lunches and sending them home to students who need extra food?

Do you think more schools should consider implementing services like this?

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Malaxate by Malaxate | Perkins, OK
Jun 30, 2023

Cool article!

selene by selene | alcala de henares, GA
Dec 19, 2019

freesample without spending shipping cost of food

FreeBe by FreeBe | KILLEEN, TX
Sep 14, 2019

I love this idea. In my district over two thirds of the students are on some sort of welfare program. The majority of students are qualified for free or reduced lunch. Some of the school teachers in the elementary schools use their own money to back backpacks with food and water for students that they know won't be able to eat over the weekend.

janiea by janiea | JACKSON, GA
Jul 10, 2019

Yes, yes, yes!!!! Send them with any kids who want it! The reason why is because when I was working and my son was younger he could go to our neighborhood church, eat spaghetti dinner for $2, I could work, and & his friends could enjoy the singings, etc. It was a blessing to me and I didn't have to worry about what he was doing. Later, our neighborhood started having summer food at the ball park for every child who needed it.

avantgarde27 by avantgarde27 | Herndon, VA
Apr 18, 2019

I love this idea and I think it should be expanded. If there's ever a situation in which there is still food left after distributing to students, the leftovers can also be offered to parents or the general local community. Adequate nutrition is essential for a growing brain and making sure that kids have food helps them get more out of attending school. Somebody else posted a comment mentioning that kids might get bullied for this and I think that's an extremely valid concern. I'm not sure how exactly to resolve it and I think the schools should do some research to find an effective solution.

Apr 17, 2019

eh i think its ok but i dont know if the kids getting these left overs will be bullied from being poor. ive seen that happen.