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How Public Fat Shaming Shapes the Way We Think About Beauty

on Apr 22, 2019: Media plays a role, but people are capable of ignoring media. I think it's a popular scapegoat, but we really need to examine our own wording and behavior. Even little things like automatically saying ?you're not fat!!? when somebody is clearly overweight perpetuates the belief that being fat is s…

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These Classic Toys Will Have You Feeling Nostalgic. Plus, Enter Our #SheSpeaksClassicToys Giveaway

on Apr 18, 2019: Wow this post brings back some memories!! I kind of want to buy some Lisa Frank stuff and rock it at work meetings :p

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How School Lunch Leftovers Can Make a Big Impact For Students In Need

on Apr 18, 2019: I love this idea and I think it should be expanded. If there's ever a situation in which there is still food left after distributing to students, the leftovers can also be offered to parents or the general local community. Adequate nutrition is essential for a growing brain and making sure that ki…