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Why More Professional Women Are Leaving Their Handbags At Home

on Sep 14, 2019: It is great! Teachers have been doing it for years. There are many classy backpacks out their that not only offer the style needed for a work place, but also offer the comfort of distributed weight. Backpacks are better four our backs and help to keep things hands free.

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One Breast Cancer Survivor's Unique Way To Stop the Criticism About Formula Feeding Her Newborn

on Sep 14, 2019: Good for her! It's sad that she had to explain herself and couldn't do what she wished without other people prying into her personal business. Everyone in my family has been formula fed and it didn't hurt them. Aside from that, why should anyone have to explain their decision on breast feeding or …

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How School Lunch Leftovers Can Make a Big Impact For Students In Need

on Sep 14, 2019: I love this idea. In my district over two thirds of the students are on some sort of welfare program. The majority of students are qualified for free or reduced lunch. Some of the school teachers in the elementary schools use their own money to back backpacks with food and water for students that …