Enter The #MrCleanMorePower Giveaway For A Chance To Win a $50 @Walmart Gift Card

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 14, 2014

It’s time to let someone else’s muscles do the work when cleaning dirt and grime. Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, available at Walmart, is two times more powerful than regular all purpose cleaners.

We want to offer you a chance to win a $50 Walmart gift card to stock up all the Spring-cleaning supplies (including Mr. Clean) you’ll need to get your house in tip top shape.

How To Enter

Comment below and tell what about your spring cleaning routine. Who helps you tackle the grime in your house? Or just for fun, tell us who contributes the most mess and grime! What’s your least favorite place to clean?


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Entries open until 3/7. Open to U.S. residents over 18 only. The winner will be selected on 3/10.

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KouponKat by KouponKat | NAPERVILLE, IL
Apr 10, 2014

My husband is a big help around the house. I'm a lucky lady!

Kellygrl14 by Kellygrl14 | west columbia, SC
Apr 02, 2014

I clean the top of everything move couches and beds and sweep or vaccum. Then I do all my floors and then its time for the yard. I hate dusting though I get sick every year! Then there's the regular everyday routeen like dishes and clearing table tops from my two year old!

wcaligirl by wcaligirl | HEMET, CA
Mar 10, 2014

Mt kids make the most messes, they also help clean. I go through all their toys and clothes and purge anything don't need.

skorr10 by skorr10 | PORT ORANGE, FL
Mar 10, 2014

Well in all honesty, it is really hard to tackle ANY kind of cleaning in my house let alone Spring Cleaning! I am the only female in a house full of boys and lets just say it can get pretty gross around here. I have to say that among the WORST things to clean it is definitely the bathrooms!! UGH! I need your help Mr. Clean!!!!!

angieh by angieh | San Diego, CA
Mar 10, 2014

I send my kids and husband out of the house and I start cleaning from upstairs to downstairs - dust, vacuum, then the floor. I'm always amused how much mess my little kids can make. I clean the floor everyday and I seem to find gold fish crumbs all the time. Maybe the crumbs multiply when we are asleep???

noopurke by noopurke | LITTLE ROCK, AR
Mar 10, 2014

Would love to win

songaday by songaday | HUBERTUS, WI
Mar 10, 2014

I have a hard time keeping up with the dirt in my house but I try to at least vacuum every other day and make sure to keep on top of the every day messes (ie dishes, laundry, etc). I would have to say that my husband contributes to most of the mess:)

jerylt by jerylt | ABERDEEN, NJ
Mar 10, 2014

In our house, we all clean, and we all hate it.

HeatherShockney by HeatherShockney | GREENSBORO, PA
Mar 10, 2014

My daughter and husband make the most messes. I love spring cleaning. I love to do it on a sunny and warm day where I can have the windows open. I love the smell of clean.

photos by photos | Schaumburg, IL
Mar 10, 2014

The bedrooms and the closets.

saltpep by saltpep | ELGIN, IL
Mar 10, 2014

Kitchen first always and then the bathrooms!

MomsGetReal by MomsGetReal | Bath, NY
Mar 10, 2014

My husband is actually the primary home cleaner...and laundry doer..and cook. Yes, I am so lucky.

muddyshoes5906 by muddyshoes5906 | Bauxite, AR
Mar 10, 2014

My husband contributes the most by bringing in dirt and sand from outside. With hard wood floors, I have to stay on top of them daily... Luckily I have enough helpers, that sometimes help me. My least favorite place to clean is the bathrooms!! BOYS!!!

MusingsfromMe by MusingsfromMe | WOODBINE, MD
Mar 10, 2014

I do a de-clutter, then a deep vacuuming and floor mopping.

Katykapow92 by Katykapow92 | BERGEN, NY
Mar 10, 2014

My mother and I usually work on it together! It actually can be fun going through making things nice and refreshed! I know I contribute to most of the mess in my area of the house, but that's why I'm always cleaning haha. A recent move back home has made things hard, but cleaning actually is kind of soothing in a weird way