Enter The #MrCleanMorePower Giveaway For A Chance To Win a $50 @Walmart Gift Card

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 02.14.14
Enter The #MrCleanMorePower Giveaway For A Chance To Win a $50 @Walmart Gift Card
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It’s time to let someone else’s muscles do the work when cleaning dirt and grime. Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, available at Walmart, is two times more powerful than regular all purpose cleaners.

We want to offer you a chance to win a $50 Walmart gift card to stock up all the Spring-cleaning supplies (including Mr. Clean) you’ll need to get your house in tip top shape.

How To Enter

Comment below and tell what about your spring cleaning routine. Who helps you tackle the grime in your house? Or just for fun, tell us who contributes the most mess and grime! What’s your least favorite place to clean?


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Click here to tweet “Enter the @SheSpeaksUp #MrCleanMorePower giveaway for a chance to win a $50 @Walmart gift card bit.ly/MrCleanWin”

One lucky commenter (or tweeter) will be chosen at random to receive a $50 Walmart gift card.

Entries open until 3/7. Open to U.S. residents over 18 only. The winner will be selected on 3/10.

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  • griselbarreto By griselbarreto

    my dog make most of the mess and i just clean after him bc i love him! please send mei d

  • jallen9245 By jallen9245

    My Grandchildren makes the biggest mess.I try to get them to clean up behind themselves by singing the clean up song,they join in but don't contribute to much of the cleaning so when they leave, me and my husband does the cleaning.Our overall Spring Cleaning consist of cleaning windows,major dusting,cleaning baseboards,vents and patio.(We always make plans to clean garage} Maybe this year!

  • kcdickerson By kcdickerson

    Our 5 cats contribute most of the mess but thankfully my hubby is awesome about cleaning in general!

  • anakoi By anakoi

    Every year, no matter where or if it's still chilly outside, all the windows go up to let fresh air in. This alone does wounder but then we go to town on all the surfaces with something lemony. Love spring!

  • CinnamonHollow By CinnamonHollow

    My kids and hubby make the most messes and grime. Our youngest two daughters think that things need to be dropped where they're standing and stay there. It's like pulling teeth to get them to pick up after themselves. As far as cleaning, I seem to be the only one who will tackle the messiest jobs. The hubby and the kids think surface clean is clean. So I'm the one who does the deep cleaning on anything. Kitchen and bathroom are cleaned daily and the rest of the house is dusted and vacuumed once a week. Beds made daily, etc. But spring (once each season actually) means SUPER CLEANING when everything in the house gets a good scrubbing!

  • Britt30 By Britt30

    My 20 month old daughter loves to help clean up the house, and of course she also loves to make a huge mess. When it comes down to spring cleaning its time to open some windows and air out the house. I like to scrub the counters and make sure the house is smelling good.

  • krystiev By krystiev

    I love Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers they have saved my walls from layers upon layers of paint and my body the burden of painting. I can easily remove crayons, markers, or those dirty little fingerprints my two little ones leave behind. I love Mr. Clean's all purpose cleaner for all my household cleaning needs, disinfects while leaving a great scent behind. Oh and my husband looks like Mr. Clean. Nothing more appealing than a handsome, strong bald man.

  • MrsRiot By MrsRiot

    My kids and husband are the biggest contributors and none of them truly help me clean up so I'm on my own when it comes to cleaning most of the time!

  • MariaBB By MariaBB

    I start with all storage areas...closets, cabinets in the bathroom, kitchen. Pull everything out, clean and organize everything. Throw away what I no longer need and stand in awe and how great it looks. Then I go from room to room and start from ceiling to floors. This is a full spring cleaning tho! I get help from the husband and the little man...because hey, they help me make the mess (I do my own part in it!). then we treat ourselves for our hard work!

  • SugarCookie14 By SugarCookie14

    Mr clean is great for all the houses floors and bathroom with so many scents they really make our house smell clean and fresh I had hoped they could come up with some Mr Clean for the sensitive skin and noses.

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