Enter The #MrCleanMorePower Giveaway For A Chance To Win a $50 @Walmart Gift Card

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 02.14.14
Enter The #MrCleanMorePower Giveaway For A Chance To Win a $50 @Walmart Gift Card
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It’s time to let someone else’s muscles do the work when cleaning dirt and grime. Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, available at Walmart, is two times more powerful than regular all purpose cleaners.

We want to offer you a chance to win a $50 Walmart gift card to stock up all the Spring-cleaning supplies (including Mr. Clean) you’ll need to get your house in tip top shape.

How To Enter

Comment below and tell what about your spring cleaning routine. Who helps you tackle the grime in your house? Or just for fun, tell us who contributes the most mess and grime! What’s your least favorite place to clean?


Tweet the giveaway below:

Click here to tweet “Enter the @SheSpeaksUp #MrCleanMorePower giveaway for a chance to win a $50 @Walmart gift card bit.ly/MrCleanWin”

One lucky commenter (or tweeter) will be chosen at random to receive a $50 Walmart gift card.

Entries open until 3/7. Open to U.S. residents over 18 only. The winner will be selected on 3/10.

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  • gymstx By gymstx

    I do most of the cleaning... I'm a little OCD some would say :) I hate cleaning windows the most, they are never clean enough :)

  • vtpugs By vtpugs

    I always do the cleaning and gutting out of the clutter!:) My husband and I chose a box a day on weekends and sort through!:)

  • Mytokki By Mytokki

    It's a family effort (making the mess and cleaning up!)!

  • Happy1Lisa By Happy1Lisa

    I hate cleaning the bathtub my Hubby makes the biggiest mess what boy doesn't

  • heartofaphilanthropist By heartofaphilanthropist

    Everyone makes a mess at my house, even me. We all clean together. I hate cleaning the bathroom- especially the toilet. :)

  • whos_that20 By whos_that20

    under the fridge and stove can be a pretty messy place.

  • LindaCarmical By LindaCarmical

    Mr. Clean is almost the sexiest man there is. If he could make cooking taste better, he'd be #1! ;)

  • ihrtbroadway By ihrtbroadway

    before my father had a major operation he would be the main cleaner as my mother and I are the sole providers of the household and work so much. As a man my father is the main source of mess around the house (as are the pets). During the Summer it's easier for all of us to pitch in. My mother is a teacher and has summers off. The one room I most hate touching is the Kitchen. I have a habit of rearranging and decorating when I clean. That is the one room that gathers the most gunk and least able to rearrange.

  • janie0111 By janie0111

    I usually take a week off from work and dig in to get the job done

  • FrugalFroggie By FrugalFroggie

    I think my husband makes the most mess. I haven't started to think about spring cleaning yet. I need to clean my bird cage for sure and I hate doing it.

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