Enter The #MrCleanMorePower Giveaway For A Chance To Win a $50 @Walmart Gift Card

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 14, 2014

It’s time to let someone else’s muscles do the work when cleaning dirt and grime. Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, available at Walmart, is two times more powerful than regular all purpose cleaners.

We want to offer you a chance to win a $50 Walmart gift card to stock up all the Spring-cleaning supplies (including Mr. Clean) you’ll need to get your house in tip top shape.

How To Enter

Comment below and tell what about your spring cleaning routine. Who helps you tackle the grime in your house? Or just for fun, tell us who contributes the most mess and grime! What’s your least favorite place to clean?


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Entries open until 3/7. Open to U.S. residents over 18 only. The winner will be selected on 3/10.

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Britt30 by Britt30 | SUFFOLK, VA
Mar 07, 2014

My 20 month old daughter loves to help clean up the house, and of course she also loves to make a huge mess. When it comes down to spring cleaning its time to open some windows and air out the house. I like to scrub the counters and make sure the house is smelling good.

krystiev by krystiev | mesquite, TX
Mar 07, 2014

I love Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers they have saved my walls from layers upon layers of paint and my body the burden of painting. I can easily remove crayons, markers, or those dirty little fingerprints my two little ones leave behind. I love Mr. Clean's all purpose cleaner for all my household cleaning needs, disinfects while leaving a great scent behind. Oh and my husband looks like Mr. Clean. Nothing more appealing than a handsome, strong bald man.

MrsRiot by MrsRiot | LITTLE ROCK, AR
Mar 07, 2014

My kids and husband are the biggest contributors and none of them truly help me clean up so I'm on my own when it comes to cleaning most of the time!

Mar 06, 2014

I start with all storage areas...closets, cabinets in the bathroom, kitchen. Pull everything out, clean and organize everything. Throw away what I no longer need and stand in awe and how great it looks. Then I go from room to room and start from ceiling to floors. This is a full spring cleaning tho! I get help from the husband and the little man...because hey, they help me make the mess (I do my own part in it!). then we treat ourselves for our hard work!

SugarCookie14 by SugarCookie14 | MOREHEAD CITY, NC
Mar 06, 2014

Mr clean is great for all the houses floors and bathroom with so many scents they really make our house smell clean and fresh I had hoped they could come up with some Mr Clean for the sensitive skin and noses.

gizmordj by gizmordj | Mays Landing, NJ
Mar 06, 2014

I make it a family affair it gets done faster and is more fun!!!

Kvtr731 by Kvtr731 | CORAL SPRINGS, FL
Mar 06, 2014

I get my 4 children together and we start with our closets..which leads to drawers, bathrooms..Vacuuming the couches, and before you know it we have completed the house

Nancydrewforfun by Nancydrewforfun | Anoka, MN
Mar 06, 2014

I love to spring clean when it starts getting warm out. Living in Minnesota, I just tend to crave warmth and sunshine about now. Once I start, I open up windows and let as much fresh air in that I can. It's a great feeling to have clean air and a clean home. I would have to say that the one thing that I like to clean the least would be the walls. A lot of work!

Smantha095 by Smantha095 | Harrisburg, PA
Mar 06, 2014

Cleaning out closets and steam cleaning carpets

dits212001 by dits212001 | Bothell, WA
Mar 06, 2014

I like to make it fun and handle one area at a time and do it over a week rather than a day

Brittg by Brittg | OTISVILLE, MI
Mar 06, 2014

My spring cleaning routine is all about the details. I get those toothbrushes (not ones that are still used) and scrub scrub scrub. With a house of 7 people, our home gets dirty very quickly and with 3 teenage boys there is dirt and grime everywhere! We all go through our closets and donate what we can and throw away what we can't. I love how I feel when everything is clean and well organized!

wellrusted51 by wellrusted51 | ottawa, OH
Mar 06, 2014

Me and Mr. Clean do all cleaning, the worst place to clean is the bathrooms. I have boys so you understand.

missmisy19 by missmisy19 | NAPLES, ME
Mar 06, 2014

I need to tackle the bathroom as it seems to get dirty rather quickly.

sthurberyoung by sthurberyoung | SIOUX FALLS, SD
Mar 06, 2014

I work it the best I can but my hubby and sweetie does pitch in often and eagerly. Thanks to him for that! Hope this works for me to get into this great giveaway!

geneyounggene by geneyounggene | SIOUX FALLS, SD
Mar 06, 2014

I help out my better half, wife, partner, friend and love, Sarah, every chance I get. To borrow a phrase from Sarah, "It will go twice as quick." And it does. She's the best and I tell her that often!