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Doting on Dolls

SS Member Image By drodriguez 01.04.09
Doting on Dolls
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Playing with baby dolls is not just for children anymore.  Thousands of women are taking home lifelike newborn baby dolls and calling them their own.  The dolls, called “reborns”, are meticulously designed by artists to look and feel just like a real newborn baby and can sell for over $1,000. 

Many of the women who buy the dolls could not have children of their own or have grown children out of the house and miss having a baby around.  The “reborns” are often taken for walks in strollers, clothed in real baby clothes, and doted over as if they were the real thing

A recent ABC News article reported on the baby doll phenomenon from a convention for reborn fans in Illinois.  ABC spoke with Lachelle Moore, who has both children and grandchildren of her own, about her love of reborns.  Moore said, “What’s so wonderful about reborns is that they’re forever babies.  They don’t give you any trouble.  There’s no college tuition, no dirty diapers...just the good part of motherhood.”  Moore added a $1,400 reborn to her collection of 36 dolls during the convention.

Women at the convention often referred to holding the dolls as providing “cuddle therapy” and there may be some truth to the phrase.  Studies have proven that women experience a chemical emotional rush when holding a newborn babySue Varma, a psychiatrist from the NYU School of Medicine, said “I would not be surprised to learn that if a women is holding a fake baby, that she would have the same chemical, hormonal reactions as if she was holding a real baby.”

It is not surprising that some people might find the idea of collecting these pricey fake newborns to be a little odd and possibly unhealthy.  Linda Moore describes it as a hobby she has chosen that does no harm to anyone.

What do you think of the recent report about women collecting these fake babies?

Do you think this is just a harmless hobby that helps fill a void in some women?

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  • goldencz By goldencz

    I've seen several stories on the news about this and it just seems really weird. I guess if you do it in private, but carrying on out in public just seems like you're stretching the fantasy and trying to encourage others to "play along"

  • DaisysMomma By DaisysMomma

    I saw this on the news also. They asked one woman how she felt if people didn't actually come up and comment on how cute her "baby" was. She said something to the effect that she got disappointed. They are cute for dolls but it is very strange to me how women would behave in this way.

  • RadioGirl87 By RadioGirl87

    I think the idea is ridiculous. I'm only 21... but I thought, "Grow up". I don't see anything wrong with collecting the Reborns... but when it comes to treating them like real babies... that's when it goes too far. I couldn't believe that one woman's husband even played along. Seriously?!

  • Armywife76 By Armywife76

    My husband would send me straight to the loony bin if I played with a baby doll! I guess that I missed this on the news, to bad, I could have used a good laugh lately!

  • meowmix By meowmix

    Playing dolls is for kids. Collecting things that would appreciate in value is adult. Not sure if either of these apply, but each to his own--its why we are a democracy.

  • mommyleah By mommyleah

    Well, I could understand the feeling of needing to hold a baby but I wouldn't be able to get my mind around those fake ones. These women, and some men, could get jobs at a daycare... or volunteer at the nursery of their church. what do you think these women do if their children or grandchildren want to play with the dolls? :)

  • jenndta69 By jenndta69

    I just recently saw a show about this too. These women scare the crap out of me. Too old, too much money, and too sad. They should try doing something like volunteer work and stop living in a fantasy world.

  • rockhound24 By rockhound24

    Just plain creepy. Get a dog, there are plenty in shelters that could use some love.

  • meowmix By meowmix

    Volunteer at hospitals to hold preemies when parents are not there. Some places like to have folks to do this.

  • TLK72063 By TLK72063

    My Mother In Law has her Room filled with Dolls,Yes she lives with US in her own Part of the House and I knew she was an Avid Collector of Baby Dolls but one day when she ordered one thru the mail and when it came she excitedly had to show me and then asked me a question of WHO I thought it looked Like?! At that moment I didn't know if I wanted to Burst into a fit of Laughter or Run to the Phone and Call the Men with the White Fitted Coats! She Proceeded to tell me that this DOLL looked Exactly like her Son,my Husband when he was a Baby! Oh Frightening! She even goes as far as buying special Holiday Outfits for these dolls and washes their clothes and hangs them out to dry Outside. I have already said to my Children if I ever do that I'm sorry just have me committed because I just don't think this is Normal Behavior for an Elderly Woman.

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