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More Bang For Your Black Friday Buck

on Feb 05, 2009: OHH! I friggin LOOOOVE Black Friday! Woohoo! I got all my shopping done on that one day this year. I have a 3 yr old daughter, so the toys being cheap was awesome!

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Doting on Dolls

on Feb 05, 2009: Wow. I saw an documentary on the BBC a month or two ago. Creeepy. I mean, yes the dolls are beautiful amazing works of art. But why are these people taking them as their own children?!?! and walking them in strollers? I just dont get it! Its weird. If your going to pay upwards of $1000 on a doll, …

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Twitter Me This

on Feb 05, 2009: I've never used Twitter. But I do Myspace and Facebook, both of which I am COMPLETLY obsessed with. I dont know what in the world I would ever do without those sites!!!!