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   By drodriguez  Dec 31, 2008

What are you doing?  This is the question that is on most of your friends and family’s minds.  If you’re familiar with Twitter, one of the fastest growing websites, those closest to you probably already know the answer. 

The Twitter site is free to the public and set up so that its members, “Twitterers”, can submit short messages detailing what they are doing.  The short entries, called “Tweets” are to be seen by a network chosen by the member and can only be up to 140 words in length.  The length of the messages make it possible to send multiple “Tweets” a day between you and your network.  Messages become more conversational this way and don’t take up too much time like an email or phone call might. 

Twitter is used by anyone who can use a computer or cell phone and has soon become a fixture in many peoples’ lives.  People use it for anything from keeping in close touch with coworkers, friends, family etc. to checking out the news in real time.  CNN was one of the first news sources to utilize Twitter and has since grown an enormous following.  President Elect Obama also used Twitter to keep the public abreast of what was happening during his campaign.

One Twitter user summed up the reason many people use the service in a New York Times article.  Tony Stubblebine said, “At some point I got so busy and self-absorbed that I stopped reading or writing personal emails.  I’d see my sister about once a month and ask, ?What’s up?’ only to find out, ?Not much.’  Now I have a much more detailed picture of her life.”

To check out what SheSpeaks is doing on Twitter you can visit:

What do you think of Twitter?

Is Twitter something you might consider using to stay in contact with family and friends?

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SusieH135 by SusieH135 | Dawsonville, GA
May 29, 2009

I love twitter. It's the fastest, easiest way to catch up with family, friends, and news (, the CDC, and many news media outlets 'tweet' often). Twitter is also used by some local governments and police stations to broadcast emergency notifications. Once you sign up, plan to spend a good deal of time just looking around for interesting people/organizations to follow.

BABYGIRL350 by BABYGIRL350 | philadelphia, PA
May 12, 2009

yes i have a twitter account and i don't understand the whole thing it kind of dumb to me ,if someone can explain it to me then i will check it back out.

meowmix by meowmix | peach bottom, PA
Apr 09, 2009

cant figure out the *** thing.

Barbiels by Barbiels | Independence, KS
Mar 12, 2009

I'm beginning to figure out facebook but twitter is very confusing to me still

toriphilly by toriphilly | buffalo, NY
Mar 08, 2009

I think twitter is fun!!! we should all add each other lol.

redoakl5 by redoakl5 | Red Oak, TX
Feb 27, 2009

Twitter will soon peter out!

elliej by elliej | Crofton, MD
Feb 24, 2009

I started a Twitter account but not really sure how it works just yet. I also have Mypace and Facebook. I started a MYSpace account a couple years ago, hardly go there at all anymore. I love Facebook, it seems more suited for an older crowd. Like I said I also just started Twitter about a week or so ago but it's a bit confusing. After reading the posts I don't feel so bad as it seems I'm not the only one that doesn't understand it.

805Therapy by 805Therapy | Ventura, CA
Feb 13, 2009

I use twitter daily (nearly) - mental health topics and personal updates

livebyoptimism by livebyoptimism | Kane, SC
Feb 08, 2009

I signed up for Twitter... and haven't a clue how to use it! I asked friends & they agree with me. I only have one other friend that is also on Twitter. I don't like that random strangers can "follow" me. Just kind of creepy knowing random people I don't know can know what I'm doing. If I could figure it out, how to link it to my cell phone so I get updates, & get other people to join... I might just get sucked in to the madness. I do love Myspace & Facebook, so you never know.

jmarie0315 by jmarie0315 | Baltimore, MD
Feb 06, 2009

I have an account, but rarely use it. I find that few of my friends have joined at this time, so I don't have much to read other than announcements about sales at

laguna_dreamz by laguna_dreamz | Waldoboro, ME
Feb 05, 2009

I've never used Twitter. But I do Myspace and Facebook, both of which I am COMPLETLY obsessed with. I dont know what in the world I would ever do without those sites!!!!

esbarin by esbarin | Charleston, SC
Feb 03, 2009

I like facebook a little better!

salome by salome | Houston, TX
Feb 03, 2009

I don't use Twitter much, mostly because I don't like the idea of other people being able to track what I do all the timew. I also don't find other people's actions interesting either, but that might be beacuse I'm a college student and live with my friends.

k_to_the_t by k_to_the_t | Omaha, NE
Jan 30, 2009

I adore twitter! Just like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc, it has its own use and niche. It did take me a bit to get really active, but once I got into it, it's been a phenomenal tool both professionally and personally. They key is not to take the "What are you doing?" too literally. Use it to recommend something, share a one-liner, RT (re-tweet) something someone else posted that you like, etc. The more you interact with other Twitterers and find people you enjoy following, the more you'll enjoy the experience.

cheshiresmile by cheshiresmile | BOSTON, MA
Jan 28, 2009

I love using twitter. It's a great, quick way to blog and stay updated on friends. It's not a social networking site the way facebook is. It's a mini-blog.