Being Juicy: Virgin Sips

   By estherblum  Jun 22, 2009

I have clients that are all over the spectrum when it comes to juicing. Some gals gag at the thought, some want to introduce juices as a snack a few times per week, some want to juice exclusively one day per week for weight-loss purposes, and some want to add it to their daily eating habits. Personally, I love a green juice after working out or to kick a really stubborn cold. It boosts the immune system and gives you energy unlike that from any other food.

 Why Juice?
One of the greatest benefits of juicing is that it gives you an incredible amount of vitamins and minerals. Most of us do not eat enough fresh vegetables on a daily basis, and juicing can add back some much-needed nutrients into our diets. Juicing is also great for those of us with digestive issues. The fiber and pulp is removed when you juice, enabling nutrients to be easily absorbed across the intestinal wall. This cuts down on the workload required by your digestive system to break down fiber. Green juices also have an anti-inflammatory effect, calm an upset stomach, heal wounds and ulcers, and boost immune function. So if you have a hard time digesting roughage, it’s great to add in green vegetable juices on a daily basis.

Juice in Moderation
The downside to juicing is that all too often people consume too much sugar in the process. A good rule of thumb is to never juice more food than you would eat at one sitting. I often see people drinking a large carrot-beet juice combo, which not only has a tremendous amount of sugar but contains up to four or five large carrots and beets apiece. Do you truly eat that many beets and carrots at one sitting? Methinks not. It’s also important to remember that the less healthy you are, the harder juicing will be for your system to take. You need to have a baseline of clean eating and adequate protein intake for at least one month before jumping into juicing; otherwise you’ll feel pretty sick and will become completely turned off by the whole experience. So ease your way into it.

A Couple of Tips to Keep in Mind When Juicing

-You don’t need your own juicer to get started; visiting a local health food store that has fresh organic juices will do you right. Cost-wise it works out to be about the same.

-Mix fruits with fruits and vegetables with vegetables. Fruits are digested more quickly than veggies, so mixing the two together can give you an unwanted case of gas. If you really need to sweeten your juice, add in one beet and/or one carrot.

-Try other enhancers to make your juice taste delicious: lemons, ginger, or shredded coconut make welcome additions. Not only will the coconut taste delectable, but the fat inside will help your body absorb the fat-soluble vitamins in the juice.

-Drink your juice right away, because it is highly perishable. 

Combining Juices
What is the best mixture of juices? That really depends on your taste buds. Experiment with mixtures of celery, cucumber, spinach, parsley, asparagus, and red-leaf lettuce. Or, if you like to get the pain over withquickly, maximize your potential with minimum volume and do a shot of wheatgrass, my personal favorite. Juicing cilantro is a wonderful mercury chelator, but add this in very gradually, as too much at once can cause headaches.

Whether you’re eating out, cooking in the kitchen, or cooking in the bedroom, have fun and enjoy yourself! Buy organic whenever you can, and try to incorporate some basic home-cooked meals in your regime. If you treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner, balance it out the next day with plenty of green vegetables. At the end of the day, the only person holding you accountable is yourself, and eating gorgeous will help you be your own best friend.

Have you ever tried juicing? Do you think you would consume more fruits and vegetables this way?

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sherryFerry by sherryFerry | marshallville, GA
May 08, 2010

I used to have problems with eczema , but since I have started drinking an 8oz glass of fresh juice almost every day and doing a cleanse every few months, it has gone away. It only comes back every once in a while and then it's not even half as bad as it had been.

GailRN by GailRN | west bend , WI
Jan 10, 2010

I think that juicing is awesome as well. Very nutritious and healthy for us. I also bought a power juicer and yes it works well, but you can juice with the use of a blender. You are not losing the fiber which is partially removed in the juicer. I make a orange juice, kiwi, spinach mixture in the blender that is yummy, no I cant put the whole orange in their. But its still awesome and wholesome. Enjoy..

luv2couponmommy by luv2couponmommy | Howell, MI
Nov 17, 2009

Sounds interesting. I've been fighting fatigue, from not eating right, I'm almost certain! I'm going to try to do some research for recipes and an affordable juicer. Could be a great Christmas wish item!

giggles8589 by giggles8589 | Boston, MA
Nov 17, 2009

Juicing sounds like a pretty good idea, more fruits than veggies or a mixture of the two for me, dont like too many different vegetables but the ones I do like I eat a lot of.

momagarry by momagarry | MILWAUKEE, WI
Oct 14, 2009

Juicing has many benefits. I love juicing.

nathrach2 by nathrach2 | AUGUSTA, ME
Sep 06, 2009

My husband and I were traveling a few years ago and while settling in for the evening, had the TV on. We caught a commercial for the Jack LaLane Power Juicer and, against my better judgement, we bought one RIGHT THEN AND THERE - talk about impulse shopping!! After we bought it, I thought to myself - What have we done, we'll never use that thing!! BOY was I wrong - we use it almost daily and I will NEVER go back to store bought, bottled/canned juices again!! The flavors are just SO much better when made with fresh fruits and veggies! Even our 3 year old granddaughter loves to help make and drink our home-made fruit juices!

tangy111 by tangy111 | Raleigh, NC
Aug 22, 2009

I had a juicer for least 15yrs but got rid of it ,now I 'm sorry I did .Will a blender work ,because juicers are so expensive.I know your health is your wealth.

drops0frayne by drops0frayne | Mount Dora, FL
Aug 15, 2009

Growing products at home is more dont get as many nutrients when you buy at a market. Its when you first take it outta the ground or off a vine/tree, thats when its the most fresh and has the most nutrients to juice. I have read a lot on this and it was very helpful...i've lost 10lbs in 2 weeks just from juicing. It also makes me feel better knowing that I grew the veggies and fruits!

swtchick1020 by swtchick1020 | OPA LOCKA, FL
Jul 30, 2009

juicing is a great way to take in nutrients and vitamins without sacrificing the taste we all crave for. YUM! love it lol

zionita by zionita | NAPLES, FL
Jul 21, 2009

I have a Juiceman juicer and I have used it on & off for about 7-8 years All I can say is that I need to take the time to get back to doing it. I think that it really does my body good. I don't like to make too many fruit smoothies, since that really will spike my sugar intake. Juicing is much better in my opinion tham sweet fruit smoothies.

kailarl69 by kailarl69 | Saint marys, GA
Jul 20, 2009

I have yet to try juicing, I honestly didnt know what it meant until I read this article lol. However now that I have read the article, its seems like something I would be very interested in!!

NYCBeautyAddict by NYCBeautyAddict | NEW YORK, NY
Jul 16, 2009

Can anyone recommend a good, inexpensive juicer? I am really excited about juicing some greens after reading this article! I've had chronic sinusitis for the past year and think I could really give my immune system a boost by juicing.

cheflisa by cheflisa | waunakee, WI
Jul 16, 2009

when my husband decided we NEEDED a jucier I was not trilled .But Now I do love it ,we add the pulp (depending what we are juicing ), to soups and muffins . Our favorite is 1 apple 1 carrot and about an 1/2 pice of ginger root .Ii have never been a good fruit eater this helps me to get a few more servings in.i also like to mix the fresh juice with spakling water ( good Soda replacement)

Groovyduo by Groovyduo | LELAND, NC
Jul 14, 2009

While I'm a fan of juicing, the removal of fiber worries me. Fiber is a very important part of a healthy diet. Cutting out fiber may help some digestive issues, but my husband and I both have issues where making sure we get our fiber is important (especially after colon surgery and a cancer scare). The bonus for those struggling with weight, fiber is what gives you that full feeling. So if you're like me and the hunger returns too soon after drinking your meal or snack, try adding powdered fiber. We like Benefiber: there is no gritty feeling or sharp/nasty distortion to the taste. Or you can also find it in tablet form. For the gas noted in the article, there are tablets to curb that side-effect.

kwoodbur by kwoodbur | Philadelphia, PA
Jul 08, 2009

I brought a juicer two years ago and never used it. This article makes me want to go home and give it a try. I will let everyone know what happens next.