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Four Ways to Help Your Kids Eat Healthier

on Nov 30, 2009: We garden with the children , they get excited about food they grow .I do agree you lead by example ,if mom & dad are not eating healthy children think it is a punishment when they HAVE to .We did have a rule that you had to try everything served sometimes it takes multiple tastings to adju…

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How To Deal With Dave

on Oct 12, 2009: You invite this person into your home when you turn on his program and put money in his pocket .So yes , your opinion does matter. If your Ok with a man who would treat women this way (consensual or not )no one will change your mind .But if you have any respect for women , your daughters,sisters…

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Being Juicy: Virgin Sips

on Jul 16, 2009: when my husband decided we NEEDED a jucier I was not trilled .But Now I do love it ,we add the pulp (depending what we are juicing ), to soups and muffins . Our favorite is 1 apple 1 carrot and about an 1/2 pice of ginger root .Ii have never been a good fruit eater this …